Newbie here :)


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Hey all :)

I'm going to my first ever SW meeting on Wed morning. Was feeling quite depressed at the idea but after looking through these forums i've changed my mind and I'm actually quite excited by it! Read through about 20 pages of 'what are you having for dinner' and can't believe what you can have to eat!!

Anyway quick (and probably stupid) question - the class starts at 10am so what time should I be there at? Do they start weighing at 10?

Really excited to get started - let's hope the enthusiasm lasts!!!
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Good luck with the start.

a 10am advertised start will be time for people to weigh-in, and for new-comers - have their new member talk, with the actual group discussion part normally starting 30minutes later - but it may be best to check with the consultant first.


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Welcome to SW and Minimins Liannemc,

I hope you will really enjoy SW and have loads of success. Be excited because it is a new start for you :)

Good luck.

Gail x