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Newbie Here

how are you other new starters finding the early days? Think Im lucky because I quite like the shakes actually. I did CD back in the eighties and there was less choice and support then so Im hoping it will be plain sailing(!) My only worry is that I have a bit of a do coming up next Friday and am hoping not to blob all the good work.
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Welcome BnC Girl. You have come to the right place. Lots of inspirational people.
Hi There, I am a newbie too, started on monday.
Monday and Tuesday were hell to be honest with you for me anyway I felt really ill and tired and hungary and i did "nibble" on my husbands dinner!!
BUT.....Day 3 I was totally good and full of energy last night, today I am still going strong so I think its true what they say that once you hit ketosis u are OK and its much easier.
When is your weigh in? mines is sat I hope that it doesnt make a diff its only a 5 day weigh in and its TOTM!! I am going away in 2.5 weeks and I am the same i dont want to be dieting while i am away but also dont want to put the weight i loss back on!
Good Luck to you :)
good luck bnc girl x
You are right about the inspiration, incredible success stories!! I am on day 3 and only problem Ive had so far is a CORKER of a headache yesterday but took couple of painkillers and it eased. Think there come a time when you know you have to get into action, holiday in eight weeks so hoping to be MUCH lighter then. My weigh in is going to be Monday. Can't wait!!!
Sorry, gorgot to say thanks for the good luck messages....Ditto!


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hiya, welcome to the forum and best of luck to you with your weightloss journey, this is the place to be for loadsa support.

debs x
good luck and welcome xx
Another question....how do I add a ticker??? Ta flowers.
Hi and welcome!! I have only been doing CD for two weeks (it's my second weigh in tomorrow) so still pretty new to it. It does get easier and the support on here is fantastic. I always come on here when I am having an attack of the hunger pangs or an emotional moment to remind myself of what my inspiration is. I seem to be on here a lot lately lol!!

Good luck with it xxxxxxxxx
I could read the posts all night....!! Im also a Facebook addict too so at least it keeps me occupied and my mind focused on positive things lol!


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Good luck with the diet. I love the posts too, before I know it a whole evening has gone. I really should be doing some work!!
New starter too!

Hi there!
After being inspired by a friend Ive decided to bite the bullet and try the CD. Im on day 2, was fine yesterday but today Ive felt dreadful. Headache, dizzy, sick and shivery. :sigh:
Is this normal and will I feel better tomorrow? Hope so!! Nevertheless I remain resolute and determined. Good luck to all the other newbies...lets do this together!!;)
Sorry you are feeling a bit dodgy today, Im sure you will feel better as the days go on..HANG ON IN THERE!!! We are all in it together aren't we??
Ive felt cold when Ive gone to bed but think its just the cold water, today Ive had water with the edge taken off byadding a drop of hot.

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