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Newbie - Kammegs Diary


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Hello all!

I have been sitting reading loads of posts and looking at all your fantastic pics for four days now and decided to write a little diary cause any motivation is good.

I am on day four of SS and feeling fine, must be in ketosis as not hungry - i was a 1 glass of water a day person last week but am managing about 3 litres a day now! loads of loo trips but that just means up and down the stairs which isn't a bad thing.

I weighed in at 13st 2lbs (im 5'2) last thursday and my bmi was 33, my first weigh in is on Tuesday - have lost 5lbs so far.

My aim is to be able to buy in any shop so i will need to be a 14 to do that (damn Zara with their stupid sizes) so around 10.5 stone - i also want to buy a pair of diesels so defo need to be down in that region which was what i was at in 2001.

My boyf is doing this with me, but finding it really hard - he is a 6'3 manual worker, bless him with his 4 little meals! he he - he has lost about 7 lbs though so far so all good!

anyway enough boring ramble for you all.

good luck to all on your diets today!
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I can do this.
wellcome to minis and the best diet ever. Good luck with ur journey.


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Hi all

thanks for the messages!

I made a huge boo boo already!

Forgot my tetra this morning, this is what happens when you get more energy and start cleanign the house in the morning!!! must still by on the side indoors, anyhow what to do! went to boots to see about slim fast and OMG the carbs are sooooooo high! 28g in the mushroom soup!

so i had to go for a prawn salad which only has 92 calories and 1.1g of carb - fingers crossed this hasn't hindered me - so scared don't want to even eat it! :sigh:


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Day 8

well its Day 8 and i am feeling fine!

Tested for ketosis and well into that so all is good.

Went to london for the weekend and saw all the sights, probably did a little too much excercise as was walking for about 6 hours and climbed tothe top of st pauls cathedral!!! 434 steps up and then obviously back down! stuck to CD the whoel time, even when laying in Hyde Park and my friend was tucking into a huge sarnie and crisps!

so my scales are now saying 9lbs gone - which is hard to take in as i still feel 13stone - probs because a week is such a short amount of time to loose it in! clothes are getting looser and i know i can do this till me goal!

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and all are feeling great, to anyone starting new today! good luck, drink the water and you will get through the first few days - it is all well worth it - size 14 here i come! :eek:


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Hi kammeg

well done on getting to day 8. SOunds like you had a lovely day in London and did well to resist the crisps and sarnies.

It is hard to get your head around how quickly the weight comes off. 9lb is a fantastic start (might be more when you have your official weigh in!)

keep up the great work


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I am sure you will do really well!

What are your goals etc?

Just drink loads of water and think thin!

It won't be long coming and then you will feel fab !!!

Anytime you need a little help just ask for it on here, all the lovely peeps will give you all the encouragement you need x



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I have had a look at some past posts and a CD counsellor said yes as long as it is in tablet form - i am not sure if this is 100% correct so your best bet would be to ask the question as a new post and then you should get loads of replies.

Also if you ever need to find anything out if you usse the search button from the cambrdige diet forum then you can search old posts containing the words you are looking for!

hope i have helped and not confused!!!! :eek:
1st Wk weigh in

Hi all

Well had my first week weigh in last night and have lost 10lbs!!

well pleased with that!!!

Also got some bars so going to try those out this week!

Am feeling fine and can see that this time round the goal will be achieved!

Hope you all have a great day and that your CD goes fab!

woo hoo :bliss:


Wow you're doing so well already, it'd be a dream to lose that in my first week!

Keep up the good work!
ooops feel mean now... my boyfriend also lost 11lbs!!!

you can do it treacle! remember the first 2-3 days are really hard and then it gets easier - loads of water and positive thinking! believe me if i can do it anyone can i am the serial cheater for diets but you can't on this one!

take the time that you are not eating food to realise where you have been going wrong and what you can do about it in the future, i know now i don't need a huge sarnie, crisps and choccie for lunch (as nice as that is)

you will get there bubs!!!!!!!


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G: 12st0lb
Great thread hun well done to you and your boyfriend.......it sure does open your eyes to exactly how much rubbish you have been stuufing ...lol. Its not a good thought now, I was stunned when I sat and thought what I would have usually eaten at a certain time in the day, and boy it was no wonder I got so blooming big.

Keep up the fab work.
i know, my boyf and i would eat huge amounts and he would always dish me up the same size portions! he is 6'3 and was 17st 7! i am 5'2! was eating way way too much!

still want some of these lovely thigns and always will as i am a total foodie but i know that things will have to be in moderation and there needs to be plenty of excercise! (which i love anyhow!)

thank you for the message - love chatting on here to people doign the same thing and thinkign the same thoughts... all want the same thing to be slimmer!!!!!! :eek:

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