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Newbie Kirsty's food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by kirstyhe2014, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Ok so I'm new to this (started SW again on 3rd Jan), I've never published my food diaries in the past but determined to do everything properly this time, so here goes..

    Friday 3rd Jan:
    B: 2 x wholemeal bread (HEB), fry light fried mushrooms, brown sauce (1syn), coffee (with milk from HEA)
    Snack: coffee (milk from HEA), apple
    L: SW Spag Bol with penne pasta (spag bol made with turkey mince, onion, peppers, mushroom, tinned chopped toms, garlic
    Snack: sugar free squash, muller light vanilla with choc, more coffee with milk from HEA
    D: Cod with home made lemon "butter" (margarine approx 5 syns with a generous splash of fresh lemon juice) served with jacket potato, mushy peas and blob of ketchup (1 syn)
    Snack: cup of tea using the last of HEA milk, single finger twix bar (5syns)

    Total syns: 12
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  3. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Saturday 4th Jan:
    Brunch: Mushroom and onion omelette served with baked beans and 2 x wholemeal bread (HEB), with coffee (milk allowance from HEA) and blob of ketchup (1syn)
    Snack: more coffee with HEA milk
    D: Mushy pea curry (consisted of mushy peas, baked beans, tinned chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions) served with rice, and glass of pepsi max
    Snacks: Ferrero Rocher (3.5syns), Dip Dab (4.5 syns), breakaway bar (5 syns)
    Total syns: 14
  4. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Ok, so not sure if anyone is reading but going to plough on anyway as is helping me stay on track!

    Sunday 5th Jan:
    B: Woke up late so only managed 2 slices of HEB bread with a tiny scraping of light philli (1syn) and coffee with HEA milk allowance
    Snack: went to the cinema today and so proud that I took a pot of melon and grapes instead of eating the usual popcorn! :angel09: and took my own bottle of pepsi max (as begrudge paying cinema prices!!), after the cinema went shopping and had a packet of special k crisps salt and vinegar flavour (4.5 syns)
    D: Just made the most amazing "fakeaway" of slimming world salt and pepper chips (topped with onions, chillies and garlic), quick fry beef in a "gravy" of soy sauce, chinese 5 spice, garlic, 1tbsp sweet chilli sauce (2 syns), extra chilli flakes and a dash of balsamic vinegar, served with roasted veg (casserole pack from supermarket), it was delicious and rivalled my local chinese takeaway. I will definitely make this again!! Yummy :D

    I have a meringue nest (2syns) waiting for me for dessert and I will eat that with mixed berries (were frozen but now thawed a little) and a vanilla with choc muller light. CANNOT wait to eat this! x
  5. charlottie

    charlottie Member

    I'm reading! Here to subscribe! Your good looks great - I'm determined this time too and I've started a diary to keep me on track! Fingers crossed 2014 is our year :) x
  6. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Here to subscribe :) x

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  7. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Thank you guys :) nice to know I'm not alone on here :wavey: xx
  8. pineappleplant

    pineappleplant Full Member

    Good luck babe. Had a read through and I love the idea of taking a little pot of fruit into the cinema with yourself. I'm an avid cinema fan today and went empty handed and it was so hard, all I wanted was a slushie. :( xx
  9. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    I don't often goto the cinema but I do get sainsburys multi pack of flavoured popcorn.
    You get salt and vinegar, paprika and cheese and chive and they work out at 2.5 syns a bag.

    Great to have a wee something or to take if you liked them and still have syns for other stuff ;) x

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  10. pineappleplant

    pineappleplant Full Member

    2.5 syns isn't bad!! love finding out these little hidden gem ideas. xx
  11. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    they're usually £1.50 for the pack of 6 but on offer just now for £1...bonus!
    sometimes i have those AND a packet of space raiders...great wee munch for 5.5 syns ;) x

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  12. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Hi your Chinese fakeaway sounded delish! Might have to copy that.
    I've also got my eye on the mushy pea curry recipe as it always looks so yummy in people's photos, was it nice?

    I'm starting back today, trying hard to stay on track after all the excesses of Christmas!!

    Well done on sticking at it at the cinema too.

    Hope you have a good day x
  13. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Thanks guys, I was sooo proud of myself at the cinema, especially when my sister and nephew were munching on chocolate, crisps and popcorn! Oooh the popcorn sounds amazing, unfortunately we don't have a Sainsbury's in our town, booo :(
    Sarah83 - the mushy pea curry was nice, it tasted more like chip shop curry to me, so I wish I had it with chips, but I'll know for next time.

    Todays menu was:
    B: HEB toast with a tiny scraping of marg (2sys), coffee with HEA milk
    Snack: Frozen grapes (another new fave of mine, they go like sorbet inside and are so nice to take the edge off a sweet tooth)
    L: Left over "fakeaway" from yesterday, muller light (thought I would try the orange with dark choc flavour, it was OK but not as nice as the vanilla with choc!)
    Snack: apple, more tea and coffee with HEA allowance (managed to use all my HEA milk before 3pm :eek: lol)
    D: Slimming world beef Korma with rice (I would have had chicken but had beef in that needed using up), made simply by mixing coconut muller light with curry powder and marinated the beef for an hour or so, then I fried off onions and mushrooms in frylight then added the beef and left to fry for 5mins, at the end I stirred in more of the coconut muller light and warmed it through a little and served over rice, it was so simple.
    Dessert was a meringue nest (2.5 syns) with frozen berries and muller light
    Snack: coffee made with skimmed milk (2syns) and a 25ml of Baileys (4 syns)
    Currently munching on another load of frozen grapes mmmm :)
    Total syns: 10.5
  14. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    was it korma curry powder you used or just normal curry powder?
    i always go to pick up the korma one...but i'm wary i might not like it and it'll be a waste...or that it doesn't make much difference flavour wise?

    have done a curry before using the coconut muller...but i think i was expecting proper korma like i get from the local takeaway! lol x

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  15. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    No I just used medium curry powder as I intended to just make a tomato based curry, and then later on saw the coconut mullers. I have made it in the past with Korma powder and it has a more authentic takeaway taste with that! I agree that the curry was lacking that nice buttery taste you get in the takaway, but it was a very good substitute. I've boxed up some for tomorrows lunch, my colleagues are going to wonder how I'm losing weight with me bringing in all these lovely "fakeaways" into work haha! I might nip to the shop in the morning for a mini naan bread though as there wasn't much rice left over to take!

    We had visitors in work todays and there were leftovers from their buffet lunch and it got handed round our office, I managed AGAIN (I might add lol) not to give in to temptation and opted for one of the tomato garnishes on the side lol, also it's my sisters birthday today and when I arrived home from work my family was there presenting her with a massive chocolate cake :eek: i looked up the syns and it is 11 syns a slice, so even though at this point I had enough syns left over, I politely declined and whooping with delight at myself that I managed to say no! It's really not as hard as you think to decline something naughty, just politely say no thanks and then head up and forget all about it! Simples.. :clap:
  16. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    i might give the korma powder a try then...don't think i can get anymore spices etc into my little cupboard...whenever i pick a new one up, my other half just rolls his eyes lol x

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  17. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Omg I have sooo many spices too, I always end up duplicating as i forget which ones I've got. I was actually saying to a friend this morning that I couldn't do SW without herbs and spices! X
  18. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    Haha made me laugh that you were whooping to yourself I get like this when I'm proud of myself too! I read somewhere in the daily mail last week that you should say things like 'sorry I don't eat that' because the person offering it you won't be alarmed whereas when you say 'sorry I'm on a diet' they start launching into 'ooh you can have one slice treat yourself ' etc and then you feel the need to explain yourself. Abit hard here though as we all love cake so 'I don't eat cake' wouldn't be very convincing haaa! Well done you. Diary looks fab
  19. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Oh that's a great way of looking at it, I remember telling a work colleague that I'm allergic to chocolate (as a joke) when he offered me one, he kind of scurried away quickly and later
  20. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Oops pressed send too quickly! Anyway he later emailed me apologising to me and saying that such a shame for me with being a girl being allergic to chocolate haha! I did telling I was joking in the end haha x
  21. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Today's meals:
    B: Melon and grapes
    Snack: coffee with HEA milk
    L: left over beef korma and rice
    Snack: lemon cheesecake muller light (1syn) and mixed berries
    D: HEB whole meal roll with 2 x Linda McCartney veggie sausages(2syns), tomato, lettuce, ketchup (1 syn), mayo (2syns)
    Snack: more coffee lol with splash milk (2syns)
    It was my nephews birthday today (7 years old - bless) and I managed to resist yet more birthday cake, think I'm getting an old pro at this now :) yey me!!

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