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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by loopylizzie, 22 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    my first day on the cambridge diet need a buddy to keep me motivated

    hi everyone, this is my very first time trying to cambridge diet. just finished my first shake and have to say it was quite nice.. i think im going to struggle drinking that much water but hopefully it will get easier :eek: im desperate to lose this weight its causing too many problem.. my weight is putting pressure on my bladder (giving me an overactive bladder) which means drinking lots of water ill probably be living on the loo lol but getting this weight off will hopefully help that, i also have a holiday to look forward to and id love to be slim for that, ive never been able to wear a bikini on holiday its my dream

    is anyone else on there 1st day? or new to this diet too id love a buddy to talk to when times are hard to keep me motivated and ill do the same in return :D id love to hear how everybody is getting on- how much theyve lost and how long its taken etc.. hope to hear from you guys soon .. stay positive :D xxx
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  3. Lottee

    Lottee Member

    My first day will be tomorrow, it will be my first time trying too! We are sharing the same dream; wearing a bikini.
    And im sure we can do it! :) would like to stay in contact and find some buddies as my family is not really supporting the diet! XX
  4. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    My mum thinks the diet is stupid which really annoys me because she does sw and everything.. And I'd rather lose the weight on this and then figure out a healthy way to maintain it after .. She may not think this diet is healthy but then neither is being nearly 21st, and to be honest no other diet is helping me! Silly mother lol! Yes defo keep in contact would be lovely : ) do you have a holiday to look forward too? How much do you want to lose? Xx
  5. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Hey, I'm on day 2. Ill be your buddy :)

    hows your first day going?
  6. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    It's going ok how are you finding it? I've had 2 shakes so far there better than expected : ) I just can't stop peeing lol! May as well live in the toilet lol! How much do you have to lose? Xx
  7. Lottee

    Lottee Member

    That's exactly what I am thinking! A few months of hard work and then when I will start eating I'll start the gym (again) and just live much healthier :) well I am an au pair working in Enlgland and I'll go home to the Netherlands in the summer for an holiday, so I am planning on suprising my friends and family :) I want to lose at least 4 stone, but my dream would be losing 5. What about you? And how are you finding your first day? :)
  8. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    That would be a great surprise if you can keep it from your friends and family till then, they might not even recognise you :D we can do this together and stay strong, think how good we'll look in a nice fitted pair of jeans and top or even that sexy bikini lol first day is nearly over and it's noway near as bad as I was expecting .. I've got around 7stone to lose so quite alot put I need to do this! I want that slim body I've always dreamt of : ) how are you finding drinking all the water?? Xx
  9. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Yeah the peeing is a nightmare! I'm constantly in the loo lol. I'm hoping to loose 2-3 st. What about you?
  10. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Re: my first day on the cambridge diet need a buddy to keep me motivated

    I am 23 days in now and promise you the weeing really does get better!
  11. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    I bloody hope so lol it's like every 5minutes and that's not even exaggerating haha! I'm looking to lose around 7stone, hopefully before September for a holiday to the Caribbean ... I will be in a bikini!! Lol :D
  12. Lottee

    Lottee Member

    Yeah we can do this :) I've actually bought some jeans that don't fit (yet), so i'll be working towards those! I see you are going to the Caribbean, that must be the place to wear your new bikini this summer!! You can do it :) So i started today and just had my breakfast... It was not too bad actually. I want this slim body soooo bad so won't give up this time! How are you this morning? Have you experienced a headache or dizzyness yet?
  13. SexyBecks1

    SexyBecks1 is loving CWP xx

    Well done on choosing Cambridge. I can assure you that the weeing does get better. But just think to yourself everytime you are on the porecalin pot that you are flushing the fat away!! Works everytime for me.

    I really recommend buying yourself a smoothie 2go machine. You can get then new on ebay for about £20. Best thing I ever bought. It makes the shakes taste so much nicer especially as you can put ice cubes in it too.

    Good luck with you journeys girls x x
  14. KittySoftPaws

    KittySoftPaws Full Member

    Hi there. I am on day 2 today. Felt dodgy this morning but I'm good now after plenty of fluids. Good luck on your journey to forever slim and healthy.
  15. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    Lottee- day 2 is nearly over :D I took myself to my friends house so I wasn't distracted to the food at my house.. My mum decided to buy fruit loaf and toast it for breakfast ... The house smelt like heaven and then I opened the fridge (god knows why!!) to find galaxy ripples in there!! I nearly gave up there and then lol but I've been good : ) it's only my 2nd day so I no I shouldn't be looking already but scales show 3lbs down !! :D spurring me on lol .. Have to say I'm not feeling as hungry today as I did yesterday hopefully this will only get better and better :D no headaches as of yet.. Maybe the slightest bit of light headiness but nothing that didn't go away after a few seconds .. What did you have for breakfast?? How are you finding it? Xx
  16. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    I already had a smoothie to go machine thank god comes in very handy! Haven't tried it with ice cubes yet that's my next thing ill try. And the 'hot chocolate' with a chocolate shake.. How is everybody finding the soups?? I didn't pick any everybody I read about said they weren't very nice xx
  17. KittySoftPaws

    KittySoftPaws Full Member

    Did you use hot water or heat in microwave for your hot chocolate?
  18. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    I haven't done the hot chocolate yet but I'm gonna boil the kettle and then leave it for about 10minutrs then pour it in : ) xx
  19. KittySoftPaws

    KittySoftPaws Full Member

    It would help if I read the packet *rolls eyes*
  20. loopylizzie

    loopylizzie Full Member

    Haha oh does it say on there? See even I'm not paying attention! Lol x
  21. JemmaB85

    JemmaB85 Member

    Newbie in need :)

    Hey guys,

    first week on diet, started Sat so today is day 5. Found today easiest to date but having food cravings always at evening meal time. Can smell kids food sure this doesn't help.

    oh is doing it with me but is finding it so hard and is being really moody lol.

    Would really like a buddy, want to loose about 4 stone initially think I need to loose 6 to be healthy bmi.

    First weigh in Friday so hope I have a good loss, trying so hard. Currently doing the sole source but already considering the plus one. Going to give this a go for two weeks then decide.

    Would love to hear from you guys, defo going to need support!!

    Need to keep telling myself "we can do this" :D


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