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Newbie - Need tips!


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Hi all, after trying to diet the 'traditional' way after having a baby last June (and getting nowhere lol) I've decided to have a go on the CD. Got my first appt with my counsellor today.

I wondered - can you drink diet drinks on it like diet coke? The counsellor said no but I can't drink black tea or coffee (yak) and reckon I might be in need of the caffine! Will it affect my weight loss even though there's no calories in it?

I'm so nervous i've got visions of me being in tears for the next week but i'm at the point now where i'm avoiding even going out to the supermarket never mind anywhere else because i've gained so much and lost so much confidence so def need to do something about it!

Thanks x
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Strong women stay slim
No diet drinks , I think after 2 weeks you can have sunshine orange from CDc and berry .
Welcome , unsure if you have to wait two weeks , can anyone help , but I do know no diet drinks they say
Hi Katie

No diet coke I'm afraid :sigh:

If you can't drink black coffee you can whiten it with some of a vanilla shake and it makes a passable latte style coffee. Haven't tried it in tea as I don't drink it.
Good luck with your diet and post here often as everyone is really supportive and can answer most questions you may need to ask :)

Annie x


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Ah well was worth a try! Any idea on herbal/fruit teas instead of normal tea? If not I can see me getting very bored or water very quickly!

Thanks x


Strong women stay slim
green tea , you can have , try the vanilla shake add a tsp in your drink ?
Katie, as you're 5"7, just under the 5"8 limit for women, why don't you consider the idea of doing SS+ and chat that through with your CDC at your meeting. They may suggest it anyways, mine did. From 5"8 you're meant to have 4 sachets a day instead of 3 and can also have 200ml of skimmed milk which really helps with tea/coffee i find!! The weight loss difference between doing SS and SS+ i'm lead to believe isn't much and at least you can have your usual tea/coffee intake. Also gives you the option of having the 220kcal white and green meal if you fancy it and 3 sachets so slightly more flexible. I find that by having the odd SS+ meal it prevents me from having things that are much much worse to have! I've lost 1 stone and 9 pounds in 6 weeks and i'm pleased that my CDC convinced me into doing SS+ instead of SS as being 5"7.5 i'm borderline for having 4 sachets anyways like yourself.. Just an idea :) x


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Thanks I will speak to the counsellor when she comes and see what she says.

1 stone and 9 pounds in 6 weeks sounds fantastic, well done! I hope I can do something similar! x


Green tea
peppermint tea
nettle tea

any tea as long as its not fruited or flowered, as you can't guarantee the lack of any sugar inclusion in these.

Also have a look at sparkling water for a fizz, doesn't need to be plain.

Ask about water flavouring at the CDC's, you DO NOT need teh full teaspoon in a litre, I use about 1/3 of a teaspoon and even that sometimes is too much. It does seem expensive at £6 a tub, but I find it makes (based on the 1/3 a teaspoon) about 45 litres of flavoured water.

Also can add to sparkling for cheats fizzy juice, or a bit to tea for flavoured tea, just make the black tea weak. Just wave the cup past the tea bag and add some flavouring!
Hi katie , try and get the cappuccino shake or the vanilla and put a spoonfull of coffee in it - the last thing u want is caffeine withdrawal symptoms as well as the drastic change in diet- just a quick boost for u , although the first week is hard - it's well worth it , just had my first weigh in after 5 days(i didn't like the porridge so had to weigh in early) and lost 11lbs!= no other diet is that good. Good luck , and keep posted the support really helps:)

ah well was worth a try! Any idea on herbal/fruit teas instead of normal tea? If not i can see me getting very bored or water very quickly!

Thanks x


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Hi Katie,
Just wanted to wish you luck for the week ahead..... & also just to let you know I too was addicted to diet coke and was so worried about not having it.... I am now on week 8 and have not had any and have not even thought about it...
The shakes really fill you up and to be honest with drinking lots of water all the time you feel really good and to be honest so much better without it..
Hope your 1st week goes well..

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