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Newbie needing advice :(


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So yesterday was my first day. It wasnt too bad apart from not being able to stand the taste of the shakes, and by the time it got to 9oclock I went to bed feeling so nauseas i could of been sick, and a thumping headache. This morning i felt really sick again, so I figured i'm probably just really hungry (im supposed to have 4 shakes a day - i only managed 3 yesterday and I didn't finish any of them). So I've just had a shake, felt really sick, carried on sipping my water - and now ive just thrown it all back up. Is this normal? Am i supposed to feel so nauseas i'm sick?! I feel terrible. If I'm supposed to feel this ill for 3/4 days until ketosis I wont last, i feel so poorly.

Help! :(
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Oh dear!! That is not good and definitely not normal!! Light-headed, hunger, dizziness and slightly faint at times yes but throwing up, no!!

Mind you u didn't have all your shakes so that's not good. Have you contacted your CDC???


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i feel so poorly, i cant get hold of her as she works during the day. i feel like im going to collapse. is this normal? its horrible.


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It's not normal. I was sick after shakes the first time. It was mental, not physical though. I hated the taste and so couldn't force them down.

Tetras are the way forward for me. I have 21 banana tetras every week. Tastes just like yahoo milkshake! Yummy!

Hope you feel better soon!


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Might be advisable to have an SS+ meal if you're feeling awful hun, a little bit of grilled chicken breast and a little bit of veg or a two egg omlette made with water.

I've not heard of throwing up before, it could be that its just such a turnabout for your body or you could actually a bug (undiet related) you have to work out what is best for you to do but just remember that if you are't finishing all your shakes and your bringing everything back up then there are no nutrients in your body and you will become very ill, if it were me, I would have a meal, strictly SS+



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if you dont like the shakes have you tried the ready made ones as i dont like any shakes apart from the chocolate tetra.


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I have heard on here before that because the shakes are nutrient rich if you're previous diet was different and you're not used to it it can lead to you feeling a bit 'queasy' for a few days.

Once you're into it and you've forgotten the first few days it really does get better I promise x

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