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newbie needing advise!

Hello im sorry if im posting in the wrong place, Im new so please forgive me!:wave_cry:
Had a massive shock a couple of weeks ago when I really looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself. I signed up to the gym that evening, and have been sticking to it mainly due to my partner who has been paying half of the membership for me (bless him!)
I am 28 and overweight for my height - im 5ft 3 and weigh approx 12 stone 6lbs. I have been going to the gym for 4 weeks now, averaging 4 times a week. I either go for 20 mins using the rowing machine, cross trainer and bike (as well as a few others incl some weights) and go for a 20 min swim or I go for 30-45 mins gym only. If I don’t go to the gym, I just swim for 20 - 30 mins or I do one of their classes, usually body jam, pilates or LBT.
My diet is fairly healthy, although I do slip at weekends and when my partner is back for four days! I have a food diary and I average around 1700 calories during the week and 2000 calories at weekends. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink but I do like the odd bit of choc or junk food.
Problem is, I havent shifted any weight! Im starting to worry. How has other people found their weightloss when starting a new gym routine? Im going to give it til 6 weeks and then ill have to up my game as they say! Ive already tried to make my workouts harder. I tend to go for 2 days and have a break or 3 days and break due to my partners shift work. The other thing to do I guess is to reduce my calorie intake but I think Im having the right amount of calories for my level of exercise….the weekends could be improved I suppose!
Any ideas???
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I found exercise helps with toning but that you also need to reduce calorie intake to lose weight. I was doing exercise 4 x per week - including aerobic & running but unless I watched what I ate I didn't drop a pound.

Funny thing is when you add exercise to a lower calorie diet it does seem to speed up weight loss rather than just eating less on its own.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for that!
My food diary and recommended calorie intake goes by how much exercise I put in that I have done in the day, so im never really over what they recommend I do - at the weekends, I just about balance on what they suggest! I think this may be my problem area….some people have also said I should wait 6 weeks before seeing any physical results….shall see what the next couple of weeks have to offer and will watch my food intake too!

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