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  1. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Hi please would someone be able to help me. I have been doing CD for 5 weeks on sunday, in total to date I have lost 16lbs but getting fed up of it and from Monday I am hoping to do Juddding. I have got the book FAST DIET and read through but wld like to JUDDD. Anyhow. I have put my statistics in the JUDDD calculator, and the calories I have been given is DD 356 UD 1786. Is this right??? I'm a little sad as 1786 seems very low! Thank you all in advance. X
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  3. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Most of us have 500 on a DD ( or fast as I do) and up to 2,000 on an UD. Sometimes we go over 2,000 on the odd UD and still lose weight. If you go too low on a UD you don't get the calorie swing that makes the plan work. :)
  4. Juddd_Judy

    Juddd_Judy Full Member

    Hello and welcome to Juddding! You would be surprised how much you can have for 1800 calories and it would be interesting to see how far you can make them stretch!

    I'm sure I've read that DDs are rounded up to 500 cals minimum so perhaps try that instead.
  5. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Thank you so much for the replies... Today (even tho in still on CD) I just ate like a pig 5pm onwards, just because I hadn't eaten all day and the thought of being able to eat sunday onwards made be just gorge on food!!

    On reflection I just can't believe it!
    Totally out of charecter, I was looking deeper into the fridge and cupboards,just stuffing myself......and the food didn't actually taste all that good!!

    Anyway I think I will continue to sunday with CD, but will definatly JUDDD from monday.

    Last question for example if a DD begins Sunday 11pm. Will my UD begin Monday 11pm or Tuesday morning when I get up?

    Sorry for the long post, but all advice is greatly appreciated.

  6. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Ladybird what a great loss!
    Judd-Judy loving that nick!
  7. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    When I was doing full days I would start eating the next morning...but as long as you don't go wildly over your cal allowance in the 24hr period I can't see it really matters x good luck :) x
  8. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Thanks Welshmamma, but if you dnt do full days what do you do?
  9. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    I fast three times a week. 5pm til 5pm the following day x I find it more manageable x
  10. superclaire999

    superclaire999 Full Member

    First 2 weeks u should do 500 dd and 2000 up and then adjust if u need too
  11. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Ok I'm gna try that, so far today I've had 2 CD shakes...and the last time I ate was 11pm last night 24 hours are up at 11!

    So I'm gonna have the shake around 10pm, and when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll decide if I should stick to CD or do an up day... A little frigtened if I'm honest...dnt want to put on weight, but I'm getting really fed up with CD.

    Sorry for the Whine..Wish me luck.
  12. Juddd_Judy

    Juddd_Judy Full Member

    I get a bit frightened of UDs, too, but I'm using Myfitnesspal to keep track of how many calories I'm eating to keep some control. My first week WI on Monday so I'll be able to see if it's working. Good luck. X
  13. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Hi all, i had my first up day today following yesterdays DD (well i did wake up at 12 and ate) anyway i have jotted everything down on MFP and it is as follows please give me some feedback if i m doing it right....i do know its high in carbs...which i will try and cut out.

    2 x Nimble Toast with Fora light 132
    Baked beans 90
    Special K bars 89

    Fried egg in fry spray 92
    1x Quorn dippers 41
    100g slimming world chips 74
    2x special k bars 178
    2x Ricecakes snack a jack 40

    Total : 869
  14. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Good Luck Judd-Judy, i m gna keep a close eye on your WI x
  15. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Is this an Up day or a Down day? If its a Down Day you need to ideally try & get it below 500. I sincerely hope its not an Up day, because that is way way too low, especially if after a Down need an absolute minimum of 1200 cals after a DD just to prevent the loss of lean body tissue ( muscle & organs) and you really should be aiming to be at least over 1500, assuming you are reasonably active & not lying in bed all day.
  16. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Hi Jilly,

    Thank you for the reply I am on a up day, nearly done as i want my down day to finish at 5pm tomorrow hence gna finish at 5pm today.
    just had early dinner:

    Quorn sausage 190
    slimming world chips 120
    milky bar 89
    rice cake 40

    which is about: 1227
    Water: 4 Liters

    theres nothing more in the house to eat, shall i have a slice of cheese and top up to 1400?

    sorry for bugging everyone, but i really want this to work

  17. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    I think you will find your DD easier if you do have that bit of cheese!!! Protein is ideal as well for staving off hunger pangs!
  18. superclaire999

    superclaire999 Full Member

    You can have up to 2000 on an up day! I find am always really hungry after a down day so eat plenty to get thru the next down day, u need the swing between both days to get your metabolism going, good luck
  19. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Thanks SP999, yesterday was a DD and I did my CD shakes,today I ate loads of food as it was my up day....but decided to finish at 5pm so that my DD will finish at 5pm and then just have the shakes.

    Jilly I didn't manage to have the cheese as it had gone past 5, perhas next time.

  20. Ellio

    Ellio Member

    Hi all just got weighed (halfway through my DD) and I have put on 2lbs........sticking to my CD packs today, planning on doing double DD's.
    Let's see what happens tomorrow

  21. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    I would say do alternates for a week then weigh hun.

    Don't do a double down, you've just started. Know its hard coming from vlcd but give the plan a chance :)

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