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Newbie needing help!

Hi everyone

I saw my CDC for the first time last night and walked away very determined and happy with my purchases. Starting on SS with 4 a day cos I am quite tall.

I had a vanilla shake this morning which was ok.

I had a forest fruits shake for lunch and I have felt positively sick, hungry and with a headache ever since. I can't stop thinking about fry ups and roast dinners :-(

I feel really determined to shift the weight I need to but I don't want to feel like this for weeks, its really putting me off. I was really positive this morning but things have changed very quickly in the last few hours.

Did anyone else feel rubbish to start with? Does it get better?

Would appreciate any advice
Thanks xx
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Everyone and i mean everyone feels rough the first couple of days on CD. You need to keep drinking the water, maybe split 1 or 2 of your packs so you can "eat" little and often. This feeling doesnt last and believe me in a couple of days you'll feel great. Ketosis kicks in, the hunger goes and you see results almost daily. Hang in there, it will be worth it.


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hi, i started on the 3rd and am on day 5, i felt just like u but stuck with it and i feel great now!! first 3 days were the worst! keep coming on here they r all so helpful, i dont think i would have stuck to it if it wasnt 4 then!! good luck and keep goin u can do it.xx


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I think most of us have felt like that , cos we are looking to far ahead rather than on the day weere on , if you look to far ahead at whats to come it can be offputting . Now fry ups , if you want a fry up on SW its all free , maybe change diets ? look into slimming world , see what you think
The first few days are pretty rough but by day 4 or 5 when you see the scales moving, you'd be amazed how that lifts your spirits. I always have shakes with icy cold water from the fridge and you could try vary the amount of water - I like to add more water, so it lasts longer (sad eh?) which is one of the reasons i don't try tetras or mix-a-mousse.....quantity would be too small.......keep at it, the results (if you've browsed other posts) speak for themselves. Good luck!
Hiya, your not on your own, dont despair. I started today as well. These people are great and have inspired me to start CD and I just know they will be there for me and for you through it all.
Lynne x


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I think for most people on CD SS the first 2/3 days are the worst. You feel ill, cold, headachey, basically sh*te but it does go & the loss on the scales at the end of the week more than makes up for it.

Keep at it. :) xx


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Oh beleive me, that feeling does go. I was ready to quit in my first week too. I'm over half way through week 3 and I feel fine. It's just routine for me. I'm not missing out on food, and I don't cheat, because I look forward to my CD bar with my tea at night. (Teaspoon of milk is my only cheat and it's not affected me.)

Keep with it, this time next week you'll wonder what you were on about.
Uniqua, my cdc told me to have a spoon of skimmed milk in my tea and coffee also and that it wouldnt make any difference to my weight loss. I like to have about four cups of tea a day and I use sweetex in it. Just being able to have a 'proper' cuppa makes all the difference and the milk is such a tiny amount that I'm sure in somebody my size it wont matter. Time will tell I suppose.
Lynne x
Hi keep with it hun, I'm on day 5 today and I don't feel at all hungry but I am definatley craving something to eat. Just to be able to taste something nice! However I havent cheated and find keeping myself busy helps, come on here and read through others stories and threads it really helps you keep on track when you see how well all of these guys are doing x:)


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I keep craving on and off too, hunny - I am lucky as my sister is doing the same diet and she uses the minimin forum too.

Try to stick with it. everytime I start to think about putting a pasty in my gob, a little voice says 'oh well that pasty's just cost you 40 quid'



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how are u doin 2day wizz bang?x
Hiya Smurf,
I've just got in, diet is going well and had nearly all my water, but i still have to have my evening 'meal' and i'm not hungry!
I suppose I will have to have it, but its so late now!!
How you coping?
Lynne x

I found the diet really tricky at first - mainly becasue I used to spend all day eating - and all night if I could. Had a few spotty days after I started the water but it soon cleared up and my skin is lovely now.
Keep at it and you will soon be in the bikini.
Do use teh forums for support - there are lots of critics out there but as long as you follow the diet you will lose weight fast.

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