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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bubbles2014, 17 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Hi there - I have often popped in and out of this website reading diaries and weight loss posts. After many diet fails I have decided to try the meal replacement approach. I look forward to spending some time on here for inspiration and to log my journey
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  3. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Hi there! Welcome. I'm new too but have found the support here really useful! Good luck xxxx
  4. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Have you started the cambridge diet yet? X
  5. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    [quote name=""bubbles2014" post=7077313"]
    Have you started the cambridge diet yet? X

    No - I am following Exante - very similar to Cambridge. I started yesterday x
  6. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    how's it going so far? x x x
  7. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    It is going well so far. I like that I have pre-decided meals and my mind can not wander dreaming up food I can talk myself in to preparing and eating. I have become very aware of just how much I would normally eat mindlessly and how much I will have to stop myself going to cupboards and finding snacks to eat.

    I haven't had the chance to look your posts up ... How are you going?
  8. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    I have just looked you up - I see you start on the 25th - I am looking forward to your posts on how it all goes for you.

    I hope that we both get to weight we are happy with as soon as possible xxx
  9. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hi welcome to the forum and good luck with it.
  10. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Thank you
  11. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    no start next week, I'm feeling a mixed lot of emotions, nervous but excited... and also determined as I really want to do it this time round, I don't know about you but I think I have tried every diet possible :( looked at photos from a family party or my shadow on the ground on a sunny day ( yes I think there was one sunny day lol) and it just makes me feel awful :( I am a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in July and they are all skinny Minnie's, so I reeeeeealy need to get my act together!!!
    do you have any motivation? something to spur you on? x x x
  12. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Yes - I am so with you on all that. I avoid looking at photos of myself because it is always such a shock to see just how big I am. I kind of ignore all the signs like clothes tightening - almost convincing myself that I must have shrunk them in the wash!! How sad is that??!!! I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window the other day ... Wow - that certainly served me up some cold reality. It is brilliant you have your sister's wedding to motivate you - you must keep that in your mind and visualise it in your head when your days get tricky for you. I do not have a specific event but I am very aware that this is all so overdue and I will definitely be booking a special holiday when I can start to see the results. Have you got a diary set-up that I can follow your journey? You can be logging your thoughts before you even start - how much do you need to lose? Xxx
  13. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Ohh I know I must have a shrinking washing machine are you feeling today, is it shakes you got? I ideally would like to be 13st I haven't been there for many many years, am nearly at 17st at the minute so I'm not going in disillusioned.... I'm prepared for the hard work lol!!
    Aww good as soon as you see the weightless it spurs you on a Bit doesn't it.... You definitely need to be looking at a holiday or something at the end of the tunnel.... I think alone just feeling better about yourself helps, and not having such a love hTe relationship with food.... It's all in the mind isn't it....
    I'm kinda dreading cooking for the hubby and kids though, as they are all fine and most definitely not in need of dieting lol.., do you have kids etc? X x x
  14. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Hi kazagirt79 - I am actually feeling ok - so far.

    I plan to update My diary as often as possible - so let's carry on our discussion on my diary thread currently titled "working solutions: because I want to exercise" located in the exante forums.... If that is ok with you(?) - we can also use your diary - if you set one up(?)

    I have one teenage son and a vegetarian husband - so
    I will be cooking quite a lot of various things to suit them - like you I am a bit worried about that. However, everything has been ok so far - the only issue I have had is How much mindless tasting and nibbling I do whilst cooking. I have only really noticed since I started this diet. Xxx

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