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Newbie putting my 100% into it

Hi all for the past 2 days i have been on lipotrim and i gave it up already, i just couldnt hack not having food i didnt even want junk just a banana and i knoew that it wasnt for me after convincing myself it was!

last year i weighed 17 and a half stone and i got myself down to 12 and a half just by pure exercise and healthy eating and i felt great!

i am going to do this again and put my 100% into it. my current weight is 13stone 12 and i aim to lose 2lbs a week and i hope with the support of you lovely ladys i will be able to do it.

see you all soon :gen126:
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To infinity and beyond!

Well done on your weight loss last year :D

I have tried CD a couple of times - the idea is great but in reality I struggled. Found drinking the water particularly hard.

I also lost a lot of weight a few years ago counting calories, however unlike you I put most of mine back on.

Good luck with your weight loss journey :)
Thank you, and wow you you have both done fantastic on your weight loss. i

Ive been doing 30mins on my cross trainer every morning to get me motivated for the day ahead and am now just trying to get more exercise in my daily routine.

i find the eating side of things not bad its just getting the exercise going again but once i get going i dont stop, im waiting for my new gym to open and hubby has signed up with me so i think that extra support will help alot.

Thanks for your encouragement :)
Good luck Nyssa, I'm actually enjoying losing weight, feel so much better for exercise and not putting so much junk in my bod. First few days were hard, thinking about food all the time, but after that I felt better!
Hi Nyssa. I've also tried CD and just couldn't hack it - I craved tomatoes:confused: Your healthy eating plan with exercise is a great way to lose weight and obviously worked for you before, so will again. I have found that calorie counting is the right way for me to lose weight as if I want a certain food, I can have it. I've stuck to a healthy eating plan like you - plenty of fruit and veggies and no processed foods.
Good luck with your journey - you'll get loads of support on here.


To infinity and beyond!
I find the great thing about calorie counting is that when you go into the supermarket the calories are on every packaged item, so you know if you can 'afford' it - and put it back if the calories are too horrendous :)

I am also trying to get exercising. I work in a school and have been going in during the holidays to use the fitness suite. It is available to staff after school anyway, but wanted to build my confidence up while school was empty!

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