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Newbie questions


I am on Day 3 of Cruise after doing 5 days of attack, and am finding it really hard to get my daily oat bran. I make a galette, but i really struggle to eat it all as just don't have the appetite, i'm struggling to eat any meals, and i'm not having large portions, just have a real lack of appetite.

I do have a bit of toothache at the mo, so maybe that is putting me off, just wondered if anyone else has had trouble with low appetite and oat bran?

I know we are meant to be losing weight, but i have almost no appetite at all, so slightly worried.

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Have a look on the recipe thread and make some muffins with your oatbran - they are delicious. Try and make sure you eat enough protein, as that is what this diet is all about - I find I do better the more lean protein I eat.


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I think the toothache may be having a bigger impact on your appetite than you are allowing for - are you able to see a dentist to get it checked?


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I had low appetite at the start too. Sadly that passed. As the others have said, the protein is the bit to keep up. If your appetite is low or you get a bloated feeling focus on fish and eggs rather than red meat for a day or two. They are lighter on the digestion, as is yoghurt. I also use the little blinis instead of the galette because I can then have nibbles and can flavour them differently - just had savoury ones for lunch with chicken and a sweet one with natural yogurt and a little rhubarb. Several are left for later. Make them thinner than the recipe with added milk, then they come out dainty and smooth, more appetising.
I didn't think of adding milk, I will try it. I am going to attempt the muffins too to see if that's any better. Can't get a dentist app until next tues which is annoying.

With veg what's the stance on broccoli parsnips and sweet potato? In the book it doesn't mention them, unless I'm being a bit blind.
I was unsure about the sweet potato. That's good about parsnip and broccoli though, I want to make up a big veg soup for my pv days, I still have to have protein with it don't I?


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On saturdays I make a thick veg soup then top it with big spoonfuls of greek yogurt.
Just a few PP days and forget about it. We're only human, no use beating yourself up afterwards, just get straight back on the wagon!

But you haven't and you're doing very well so far, so keep it up. :)
Hollyberry - why not sort out some Dukan friendly treats now, so they are ready to hand when temptation strikes?

Frozen yogurts? Steak? Prawns? Rhubarb? Some crunchy dukan biscuits?

If it still stays tough, why not have 3 of 4 PV days in a row, so you can indulge in fresh veg and salads, maybe a box of cherry tomatoes to eat like sweeties.

Remember it's better - and easier - to bend the rules a little than to break them completely.
My attempts at cooking muffins etc haven't gone too well do far. Went to the garage to buy milk and managed to resist the chocolate, after a bad day I thought, why ruin it by messing this up too? And stuck to it!


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I'm wondering whether you're in ketosis Holly if you're struggling this much with cravings.

Please post your menus!!

Unfortunately this diet doesn't give us any leeway for error and most people, after a major slip up, have trouble getting back into it. Sorry Runner bean to contradict you, but we've seen it many times here. Particularly with new people.


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When you say you've had trouble with cooking muffins etc, what has been the problem exactly? With the galette most of us started with something resembling scrambled egg! Have you tried the microwave bread? That is really easy, and good with sweet or savoury, eg split, toasted and with a dry fried egg on top. Or with some Splenda in it plus sweetened quark on top. Or you could try the little blinis ( see recipe)
I had too much mix and they burnt very quickly, i also forgot sweetner so they were a bit bland. with the remaining mix I put it on a loaf tin and that turned out much better and I've been eating it in slices.

Blinis have been the best way I've found of getting the oatbran, I'm quite fussy with food, so just trying to find things to my own taste is the key I think really. Also using the galette as a wrap for chicken, like a fajita

I haven't weighed myself since starting cruise on Monday, going to do it weekly but think I was just craving as was time of the month.


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Yes I burnt some too. The bread sounds good, great. If I forget to put sweetener in I just spread it on with quark after.


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I've put herbs, garlic, mustard, chili, chocolate and sugar sub, (not all at once!) plus Goji berries. It seems to take all sorts.

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