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Newbie Questions


Baby got Back!
Me again! How ya doin? Lovin this site by the way. It has so taken over Ebay and even I can't believe it. Ha!

Right, firstly I would like to ask any laydeez out there if they find they're munchin at night after tea? Before WW I would normally just have my tea and not even think about food and now I'm food on the brain and I'm not at peace until I've had 2 large Snack A Jack and a packet of French Fries........ and it's all the junk I'm reaching for. In the day I'm happy to eat apples and bagels with low fat cream cheese 'n tomatoe etc., but at night I've been hit by the greedy stick! What's that all about? And to be honest, the last couple of days I think I may have went over by a couple of points. Oink! But in my defense I walk my Boxer for an hour at 6am every morning and have started a Jazzersize class on a Tuesday night. I hope to start Aqua Aerobics and Line Dancing (don't laff!) :8855: next week and I don't really add these points into my daily allowance...... I just kinda hope that'll wipe out any tiny overs I've had in the week. I've not really heard anybody talking about exercise classes or going to they gym etc. Does anybody do additional exercise too?

Can anybody advise what would be best rather than reaching for sweet crappy stuff at night, maybe something that is truly filling for a lassie who can enter competitions in the eating department - non of this piddly little helpings and then a declaration of 'oh I'm full' nonsense! ;)

Thank you chicks.

Have a great day! :wave_cry:

My first weigh in tonight - wish me luck. xx
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Hope WI went well - let us know how it went!

I get the munchies at night too! I try to stick to fruit or carrots/celery etc. Pink and whites are a good one too - someone mentioned heating them in the microwave once and they are DELICIOUS! low points too xx
good luck for WI. If i'm hungry on a night, I often have soup - heinz big soup beef and mushroom is 3.5 points, it sounds a lot but its a large tin and is ever so creamy.. lovely! That or the batchelors low fat condensed soups in chicken or mushroom flavour are only 2 points per tin each.

Snack wise though snack-a-jacks arent bad for the points - they are lovely and not that bad for you as they are baked and not fried! French fries, wotsits, quavers, skips, walkers baked.. all good at 1.5 pts a bag.

You might not be a fan but if i have a sweet craving I make a big bowl of sugar free jelly.. fills a gap for 0 points :)

oooooooorrrrrrrrr 4 dark rye ryvitas, 30g philadelphia light, sliced tomato and alfalfa sprouts or mixed lettuce leaves is a lovely filling snack for 3 points :)


Baby got Back!
Hi girls. My first weigh in went okay but to be honest I was expecting a wee bit more but at least I lost. 2lbs. Better than nothing but now I'm on a mission...... it better be more next week.

My friend who is doing WW with me has agreed to come to Line Dancing (never done it before) with me on Monday. Supposed to be fantastic for bum and leg work...... so we're gonna give it a dozy doh over there and see how it goes. Also maybe Step Aerobics on a Thursdday. Adding this to my power walks at 6am with my dog and Jazzersize on Tuesday night....... I can feel myself fading away! Haha.

I love the Caramel Snak A Jacks...... seriously could eat them all day long. I buy 3 or 4 packs of the Pink 'n Whites every week too. I made vegetable soup today which is num nums but unless I eat 3 slices of bread with it then I soon feel hungry afterwards. Joy! Shall soldier on and try 'n steer clear of the junk laying about still left over from Christmas. I could give it all away but then I'd have to cry! :)
you could always add some pulses to your soup - it adds a few points but would fill you like bread does, but would be something different for your body which usually helps jumpstart your weightloss if you eat a lot of the same stuff x


Baby got Back!
Really? I didn't know that. I have to be honest and this week I feel like there has been a lot of repetition with what I'm eating. I'm gonna try in the next week to vary my diet a bit.

When I'm not watching my weight so much I often make Lentil Soup which is more of a Scottish Soup but smoked ham shank is used in it. In the winter I make it nearly every week BUT 100g of dried red lentils is 4 1/2 points!!! I normally put in half a bag to make the soup creamy!!! So that's gone out the window and veg soup has been introduced back in. Although I can confirm it's yum, the flatulence in the house is at an all time high!! I live with 3 males (and my girl Smudge - my Boxer). Happy dayz. :)
sherry, I would go with soup every time - but then I am a soup dragon.

Even at 4.5pts for the lentils - when you split that up across the number of portions of soup you get, its still less than 1pt per bowl of soup which is a total bargain and really filling.

Carrot and coriander soup is dead quick (20mins tops) and is 0 point - apparently carrot and ginger is also nice but not tried that yet.

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