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Newbie questions

Hi, I started SS today.

Really liked the Toffee and walnut shake!

My CDC said i could have skimmed milk in tea, but cant find it in the book?
also my friend who has been doing SS for sometime has been told she can not have sweetner in tea even the tablet kind?
Final question.... promise, should my cdc
have measured me today and my first meeting?

Can anyone help?

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Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say good luck on your cd journey.
I cant answer some of your questions hon just because I dont drink the milk or have tea so not sure about the sweetner.. someone else maybe able to help .

I have never been measured by my cdc I think each cdc does it differently I personally have never measured myself I just go by my clothes.. but I know some cdcs do.
Good luck and hopefully someone else will be able to help with your questions x
Hi Curly wurly,

Thank you for your reply.

I think you are right CDC's do things differently. I have took your advice and measured myself anyway, that way if it does not come off on the scales (although hope it does) hopefully it will show on the inches, especially the old hip and thigh area. I could give fatima whitbread a run for her money!

You have done so well and a great inspiration to us newbies!!




Absolutely Determined!
I think each CDC does things differently. My CDC did measure and weigh me, but I know not all measure. As for the milk...if you're doing SS then you shouldn't have it. However, there is a milk allowance on SS+. RE the sweetners; tablet only. X
Hiya sweetheart,

My cdc never measured me, just took my weight. Im also on the SS and i use the skimmed milk in tea as my cdc said it was ok now with the new diet formulas.

Hope this helps, good luck!
Hi Miss Candi,

It does help.

just gets a bit confused sometimes. As everyone seems to be told different things!

Do you know how to work out if gone into ketosis? have seen mention of stix but do not know where you get them from?


Absolutely Determined!

My CDC did weigh and measure me yesterday and I am on my first day today.

The book I got offered me 2 types of step 1, either SS or SSplus.

SS is 3-4 meals and SS plus is 3 meals plus a 200kcal meal or 4 meals plus 200ml of skimmed milk. I have just read that sweetner tabs are allowed in the tea/coffee.

I hope that helps and good luck.

PS I have just had the chicken and mushroom soup and it was delicious! xxx

Thank you for your replies.

Suppose I should have trustred the books really. Just dont want to do anything to mess it up.

Thanks for the link for ebay will have a look.

Good luck all, cant believe how supportive everyone is on this site
I'm on day one too!
Have had a strawberry shake yum and just about to have brocolli and cheese soup. I was really hungry earlier on but after 2 pints of week nettle tea I feel OK
Brocolli and chees soup both smells and tastes of chemicals and is so unbelievably yucky. Had to pour it away and now need to consider what to have instead.


Def wants to be slim!!!
Hiya sweetheart,

My cdc never measured me, just took my weight. Im also on the SS and i use the skimmed milk in tea as my cdc said it was ok now with the new diet formulas.

Hope this helps, good luck!
Ditto the above - exactly what I am doin, I find Hermeseta's the best but I did get measurerd! xxx xxx
The brocolli and cheese was so awful that it put me off having another soup last night. i had a banana shake which was good. I will try another soup today, the leek and potato.
Hi, I had the chicken and mushroom soup last night and it was delicious.

Decided not to get the broc and cheese one as my cdc said it was a stilton type smell.........bleuuuurrrggghhh:jelous:

The veg is supposed to be nice, but I have read that you have to season soups well!!!

Good luck :D:D



Doing Slimming World
I have no idea why this happens but when I have a Banana shake I get awful heartburn/acid reflux! Doesnt happen at any other times though...how odd.

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