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Newbie saying hi

Hi all

I have signed up for three months online subscription yesterday. This is the first time I have looked at ww (always been a sw girl) and am finding it quite hard work weighing everything, although I'm sure I will get used to it?

I am still finding my way around the online members website and tbh feel as though I haven't got a clue what I'm doing lol x

I am doing pro points, I look forward to chatting xx
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hi there and welcome. i was a sw girl too. I am on week two of pp and loving it, its so easy once you get the hang of it.
Have a look at some of the diaries, mine is on there and its under timidley starting a diary please help.

Good luck maybe start a diary up so people can help and tell you if your going wrong!


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Hiya i was a slimming world girl too and i always said id never try weight watchers. well now im hooked like u i joined online for 3 months and yes the site is a bit confusing. i just usually go on there to track my points etc.Ive lost 18lb in 3 weeks and im loving the pro points plan.Good luck on ur journey i dont think i would cope without this site ts amazing.:grouphugg:
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Looks like it is working for you so I will persevere x

I think I need to plan ahead as it could be easy to use all the points quite early in the day!! I will have used 12 today after my brekkie and lunch, not sure if that's good or not but it leaves me 17 for the rest of the day xx


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At the start I found that planning the next days meals was helpful and pointing them, then you had space to jiggle the points about :)
Also marker pen on food the pp of them makes quick decisions more informed ;)


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Hello and welcome!
I too did SW and the old points system of WW but the new Propoints is so much better in my opinion. I am only on day 5 but am loving it.
I have found the key is to point everything before you eat it and track it as soon as possible- this keeps me really motivated.
This forum will give you loads of advice, and if you have an iPhone or android phone download the app which has all the points on it.
Good luck :)
I am loving pro points almost 2 weeks in, and have really began to think about the way I eat.

Just two weeks in and my fruit and veg intake is up, alcohol intake is down, and exercise is up.

If I am out and I am not sure about the PP value I ask myself two things.
Is it high in fat?
is it Carbs?

If its one of the above the PP normally tend to be high so I avoid.

A great plan and I hope to loose a lot on this.
Good Luck with yours


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propoints is great until you realise it is a sunday night and you have ran out of weeklies and your WI isn't until wednesday night!

this week is the exception though (hopefully) so time to go to bed so that i won't eat the easter egg in the cupboard and the creme egg in the fridge (saving them until wednesday night as my treats lol)



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smirnoff said:
propoints is great until you realise it is a sunday night and you have ran out of weeklies and your WI isn't until wednesday night!

Made me chuckle.
welcome! xx you'll love this board!


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hey redmel, how are you finding things now you've had a couple of days to let it sink in?
I too was a Sw gal, yet I found that I didn't stop eating from morning til night and shoving any and every so called free food into my mouth and being disappointed with the slowness of weight loss.
I'm just coming to the end of my first week of pp and I have to say I'm enjoying it immensely , I'm actually making wiser food choices and making every point count .
I'm nor eating all the time but what I am eating I'm enjoying and wanting to make the most of the points I have .
It takes some adjustment to go from Sw to ww and im still adjusting but the ppl on minimins are amazing , there I's always someone who can help out with whatever it is you need to know.
Good luck Abi x
I agree with pro points really making you eat better. Old points made it way way way to easy to eat rubbish till your point were gone and you'd still lose weight but not feel good. I never ate fruit because it had points. I remember having 18 after eights for dinner one night and i lost 5 pounds that week. I feel much better with pro points and am not doing any of the ridiculous point cheating that i used to do! ;-)
I try and save my weeklies for the weekend and get my activity points up, because I know the weekend normally involves alcohol.
I am day three of my ww week today and not touched any as on Friday we are having like many a royal wedding BBQ and party.
Good thing is we are hosting so I am preparing the food, so I will make sure lots of good choices. Therefore saving my points for all that lovely Vodka and wine lol
But I love the new system. Tried the old one and got no where, tried slim fast, Ali etc.. and nothing. Pro points almost 8lb in two weeks and I don't feel like I am missing out at all.

Good luck everyone :)

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