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Newbie says hello :P

Just found this website, what a fantastic way to share how we're doing in the week :p
I only joined a week ago, lost 5lbs in my first week ! Hoping to loose again next week...
I will try and get on here as often as I can to keep up to date and keep you guys up to date on progress :p
Good luck this week to all :)
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hello and welcome,yes its a fab site and all the guys and girls are great on here,full of advice,whatever it might be,and lots of good recipes to,congrates on your weight lost thats great in your 1st week well done and good luck
Hehe, well I'm a vegeterian, so I only do green days. So advice on how to make vegeterian food is always welcome...
I feel alot more healthier in just my first week, I'm not use to eating so many vegetables (ironic because I'm a vegeterian, I used to eat lots of fruit instead), so I feel more balanced.
How's everyone else doing this week?


I ate my willpower!
:welcome: to the forum! Minimins is an excellent support for people on SW and I am sure you will find lots of help and advice on here. Good luck x
Hi....I haven't joined the group meetings - am an online member (body optimise)....my hubby works shifts so couldn't commit to a set class every week and that would just end up being an excuse to not go so thought online would be better!!! I am due to weigh in on thursday online too....lets hope we both do well....

I've found it good so far.....I enjoy fruit and veg so at least thats not a struggle....I find my picking times are in the evening in front of the tv but have been saving one of my healthy extras so I can have oats-so-simple and a banana in the evening if i get really desperate....must be better than scoffing a bar of choc!!

I think the other hard thing for me is trying to work out what I'm going to cook that the whole family will eat without turning their noses up at it...going to try the kids on quorn this week and see how they find it (though I'm not going to tell them its not meat!!!)

Thanks Keshia!

Marie - the quorn in the orange bag is best for that, the Linda McCartney mince meat stuff I have found to be a little synthetic tasting!
I've found my syns to be quite useful for the odd bar of chocolate, and have managed to persuade my better half (who is as skinny as a rake!) to finish off chocolate bars for me when I've worried about going over :)
I'm lucky that I don't really have to cook for anyone else but me really, I just give my other half whatever i'm eating and he's happy, or he sorts himself out :)
Well Good luck on Thursday, I can't believe we're both on the same day!
Will let you know how I do, and you better let me know how you do!
welcome to minis, good luck with your SW journey and well done on your first loss x
Im also a Newbie

Im also a newbie first weigh in 3/12 lost 2lb. Finding eating the same thing quite annoying but have ordered the brand dictionary from my leader.:D
Hi Loopylou....congrats on your first weeks loss....have a look at some of the recipes on this forum.....they have given me a lot of inspiration...this is my first week....(though I have done SW before a long time ago!!)

Good luck....keep it up :)
Hey Loopylou, congrats on your first loss! I agree, look at the recipies! There's so many. I plan my meals roughly the night before so I don't have to eat the same things over.
Also when I overcook (always) I stick it in the freezer so I can have some the next week (learnt this tip so I didn't have to throw food away, suggested by my mum :) )
Good luck on next week and let us know how you're doing!

Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments :)

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