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Newbie - Seeking Advice!!

Hi Everyone! - Lovely to see you are all doing so well....I hope that I can follow suit! I am on day 2 of Atkins.... I can't find my old Atkins book since moving house and am awaiting my new one to be delivered so I just wanted to run past my food intake for you just to see if it's Ok?

Yesterday I had no b'fast (rushing around with my little boy), Lunch was prawn with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and ff mayo, tea was chicken, broccolli and spinach and I snacked on cubes of cheese (no more than 4oz) and 90% meat meatballs....

Today so far I've had Meatballs, boiled egg and cheese for b'fast (easy to chuck in a lunchbox and bring to work), prawn salad for lunch and for tea I am having steak with onions, mushrooms and salad.

Is that Ok do you think??
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Try to manage something for breakfast if you can, always a good idea.

What's in your meatballs that isn't meat? Do they have a carb count on the label? Just check they're not too carby or filled with breadcrumbs or flour.

Don't have many/any tomatoes or onions in induction, they're quite carby. Green leafy veg are ideal. There's a list in the stickies section here called 'so you're thinking of starting atkins' if you need to refer to it.

Otherwise all looking good.
welcome............. all sounds good apart from the tomatoes and what rosebug said............. keep posting xx
Hi Steph, yes as Rose said, and have you read thestickies at the top?
Hi Everyone - Thanks for your replies, I have a day off today so am going to scrutinize the sticky threads!!

Just another quick question regarding sausages/meatballs etc.... what carb rate should I be looking for ideally and do i look per 100g or per item? Sorry to be a pain xx

Also - the meatballs I had were 45% pork 45% beef 5% seasoning and 5% between water and rusk? x
sorry honey you need an expert to answer that ............ just did nt want you to think that nobody loved you here !!xx
Steph, I'd look for the nearest to 0 carb you can and I'd count it by the quantity you are going to eat


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Hi darling. My butchers do what they call syn free sausages for slimming world people, they are just meat and seasoning, no other stuff, like 99% meat, they are great, but could break your teeth, lol. Ask your butcher if they make their own and if they could make some for you, they are great!
Oh you can get really good low carb sos at Lidl as well


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Rusk is something you should try to avoid, but if the carb count on the pack is low enough it's not the end of the world. You want to look at carb count per amount you are going to be eating, so if the pack is 400g and you eat quarter of it, look for the carbs for that. If you eat half of the pack it needs to be lower carb still.

There's a thread on here called low carb contest which has links to lots of very low carb sausagey type items. Aiming for around 98 percent meat is ideal.

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