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Newbie - Seeking Advice

Hi Everyone,

I have found this site and reading everyones advice an inspiration. I am looking to start lighterlife in a couple of weeks (going to the information meeting this week). I am psyching myself up for not eating and can't wait to to get started, although I know it will be hard.

I am concerned as, in 4 weeks, I will be travelling with work long haul for a week, which I know will involve lunches and evening meals with colleagues etc...

Does anyone have advice on how you manage long haul flight in the initial stages of the programme?

Also I don't think I will have a real issue with not eating at a restaurant when I go out, but I think it will be awkward for others and I don't really want to start explaining what I'm doing to people that I don't see very often at work, as the plan can be seen as a bit radical. Any advice would be really appreciated.
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Hi Tigerlilly!!

I had a long haul flight (8 hrs) and I found that I had to have 2 bars on those days (you're only meant to have 1 a day). You can't make up the shakes/soups in advance as they have to be eaten within 15 minutes of being made, but if you're less self conscious than I am then you could take your mixmaster, water and some packs on your flight. My LLC printed out an official looking letter to take with me just in case security had problems with the packs (they didn't) - I'd ask your councelor to do the same just to be on the safe side.

Eating out can be a problem - LL has suggestions such as saying you're on a medically prescribed diet etc etc. I know it's tough, but I've found the easiest way of coping with it is just to explain the diet to them - it's nutritionally balanced, medically monitored and getting the weight off is a helluva lot healthier than being overweight - doubters don't seem to have much of an answer to that. If you've got to eat with them more than once I'd definitely suggest going down that route - probably easier in the long run rather than having to think of a new excuse at every mealtime.

Hope I've been helpful in at least a small way,


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Hi Tigerlilly (love the name :))

I think the travelling will be a challenge for you, but it would be worth speaking to your LLC about it and get some advice from her. Its not as hard as you think, its so daunting in the beginning but after that first weigh in, when you see the scales drop you will be so motivated you would make any excuse to not eat. I have never travelled long haul on this diet it may make it alittle tougher but then you will become very close to your water bottle and that should help overcome any problems.

Good luck please let us know how you get on.
Thanks Guys, really appreciate the advice. I really want to get started ASAP, but the other alternative is that I start it at the begining of May when I'm back. Will keep you posted!


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Hi tigerlilly and welcome! You've found a great site here with fab people and lots of support. I think You'll manage just fine on your flight if you follow the other's advice, maybe take a few extra bars.

As for the eating out, this may take alot of self control but if you have it in you it can be really effective. We have a wopman in our group who goes to alot of business dinners. What she does is doesn't order a starter, then she orders a starter as a main course and cuts it up, moves it around her plate and talks. No-one ever notices she hasn't actually eaten anything and it saves awkward questions. We all think she has the will of an Ox to be able to do this but if you think you can, and you don't want to tell everyone about the diet, it will work brilliantly
Thanks Donnalou that is excellent advice! Feel much better about doing that than explaining the whole thing. I'm going to the US and portions are so huge...this will definatley put my willpower through its paces!


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I had a trip abroad with meals arranged - Here is what I did.

Breakfast - skipped it or just joined late and had a coffee.

Lunch - excused myself and did some work - email etc whilst having a shake.

Evening I had a shake a soup and a bar to act as starter main course and desert. Only problem was when there were 4 courses!

I also had coffee and hot water to add to swiss bouillon powder (or savoury drink)

Good Luck - If you explain to people that you are fed up (no pun intended) with being fat and that you are worried about your health and lifespan, then they will understand.


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Thanks Donnalou that is excellent advice! Feel much better about doing that than explaining the whole thing. I'm going to the US and portions are so huge...this will definatley put my willpower through its paces!
I'm going there myself in November, really excited but bet will be hard to resist all the huge portions. We just have to keep thinking, we want to be slim more than we want the food. Also I'm reading this book at the minute called Breaking free from emotional eating and that says before you eat, really think 'am I hungry' and only eat if you really are
Thanks everyone this is really good advice.

Mikey, I will have to try and get some bouillion powder to take with me.

Donnalou, you are so right, its about choices at the end of the day, isn't it. Do I want 'X' more than I want to shift the weight. I always remember a catch phrase that someone once said to me... "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels". I obviously need to get slim before I find out if the saying is true, but I imagine it is!

I went to the intriductory meeting with the councillor last night so if everything goes ok with the medical piece she will start a new class either next week or the week after.

I find this site amazing because immediatley I don't feel like I'm on my own. You realise there are many other people out there in the same boat. Wish I knew about it before.


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Hi Tigerlily

Great news!!!

I bet you are excited and alittle scared all at the same time.



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Good luck with your medical, my doctor was a pain and wouldn't sign my form, suggesting that I do the clinic's weight loss program instead and I had to o to a private doctor. But some people's have been fine. So are you all excited to start? I couldn't wait to get going wih it! Just a tip though, make sure you're never far from a loo until you get used to the water hehe
Am really excited to start. Can't wait to start shrinking! The issue is, because I'm planning on starting this either next week or the week after I find that I am completly letting myself go and I'm eating what I want! Am lookinh forward to getting some discipline...

I'm trying to increase my water intake, because I think thats where I'm going to struggle as I do not drink water very much at all.

How's everyone else finding it at the moment?

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