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Newbie Starting tomorrow

Have been reading this forum for a couple of days now and finally had my long awaited consultation this afternoon so thought it was about time i signed up, i'm all set to start in the morning, i'm starting on SS (for my sins) but after reading through so many inspirational threads on here i am determined to make this work
i have about 5-6 stone to loose, tried SW many times but always lost motivation when the weight came off sooo slowly so am hopin this will be a bit quicker so that i can see results which will make me stick to it a bit better.
Good Job to you guys who have already lost so much weight i hope to be joining you rather soon :)
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Why Be Normal?
Welcome Chelly!!!

Hello -- :welcome:

Good on you for making up your mind to take this step.

I did LL in 2008 -- I felt that if I could get it off, then I might be able to put my effort towards learning how to keep it off. I did okay for several months, then slowly started to regain.

I tried a few other things, and then thought "screw it" -- I know that I can lose the weight and lose it fast with a VLCD... and I want to get back to goal and try to maintain again. So, here I am back at it -- and on Day 12.

This time (once I am at goal) I will not let it get so out of hand. (I have over 2 stone to relose... but I lost 5... so, I am still better off than I was for most of 13 years.) I will go on a VLCD or do whatever it takes if I gain past my threshold.

Anyway, it gets easier as you go along -- and keep telling yourself that it is a drop in the bucket time-wise compared to the years and quality you will add to life by losing the weight.


Welcome :)

You will have had your first shake or porridge by now! I hope you enjoyed it :D

Good luck, Remember to keep chugging the water!! ;) Xxx


Why Be Normal?
How is Day One So Far???

Hi Chelly,

How is your first day going? I think starting on a weekend in a good idea -- the first few days when you are drinking the increased water (at least 2.5 L through out the day... not all in one go) you'll be in the loo A LOT!!! But, for me, after a few days I seem to get "adjusted" and am not there every two minutes -- more like every five.

If you are starting to feel headachy you can take a paracetemol and be sure that you are drinking your water. The early headaches could be due to carbohydrate withdrawal, and later ones dehydration (because the water is running through you to flush out the ketones and so you might need even more fluids). Or so, I've read.

Morning, :)

well i had my first shake, the forest fruits one.. wasnt overly keen had to really water it down to be able to drink it, ended up with a pint of it in the end which then took about an hour n half to drink lol

am not a morning eater/drinker, infact i usually go all day without eating then just eat a meal of the evening so having to drink a shake this morning proved a little difficult.

am drinking black coffee, that i can manage and have had some of my water today already. Find it really hard how i've gone all these years not eating during the day at all to now starting this and really craving some toast! does the water (1 pint) that i used in my shake count towards the 4pints i'm meant to drink throughout the day?

What times do you all have your shakes? my plan is one around 9am, then again at 1pm and then a soup around 6pm, does that sound about right?

am determined to do this, have tried everything else and nothing works so this is a last ditch attempt now to try and shift this weight.
Well done on getting started x

You really need to drink your shake within 15 minutes or it loses it`s nutritional benefits. Maybe it would be easier to have less water so that you can down it quickly if you don`t like it? Then drink some water to remove the taste?

I am not a breakfast eater either and like you, Often go all day without eating then have an evening meal.

I *think* the water intake is supposed to be in addition to your shakes. The way I get through mine is, I bought a 1L bottle of water and I keep it constantly topped up and keep sipping it. I am currently drinking 4L a day :eek: and usually I can go all day without touching a drop!! Green Tea also helps with cravings and is supposed to be good for weight loss too. I drink the Twinings Green Tea with Mint.

As to timings of shakes, I have a Porridge in the morning - This is a novelty for me as they have just introduced a GF one and it`s yum! I then have my second shake in the afternoon when I get home after work. I am doing 810 plan, So I have 1 small low cal/low fat/low carb meal which I eat when my family eats and I have my 3rd shake at the same time.


ooo i had no idea your supposed to drink them within 15 mins, my CDC said i could make it up drink half at say 8am then half at 10am if i found them too much to begin with, am trying a choc shake this afternoon so hoping that will go down a bit easier, do you just make yours using the 225ml thats reccomended?


Why Be Normal?
Morning Chelly --


I thought I wrote you a response to your morning post... but it is not here.

Anyway, Congrats on making it through your first day.

I found Fruits of the Forest sickening. I will not have any more of those. I have also found that having a sweet shake seems to make me feel hungry faster.

So, I am going to look into having oatmeal in the morning (as my mom used to say -- "it sticks to your ribs").

Any water added to mixes beyond the amount specified on the package may be counted towards your daily water.

Be sure to space your water through out the day -- too much too fast can lead to water toxicity. Also, you need to keep in steadily flushing out the ketones (avoiding headaches and dehydration along the way). Also, more water helps with the bad breath that ketosis brings.

Although, "Breakfast is the most important" meal of the day -- like SacredSlience, I find that I do better if wait to have a meal until when I really, really want it. And, since I don't usually want to eat first thing in the morning... I will often wait until noon for my first meal. I "listen" to my body.

However, having breakfast is supposed to get your metabolism going. You do what works for you -- but also ask your CDC.

I always add a lil bit more water, to everything. I find the soups very salty and shakes a bit powdery but improves if i add slighty more water,only an extra 10-20 mls or so.

Im only on day 4 of ss and its actually not been as bad as i thought it was gonna be. Just keep downing the water.x
Oooh, im gonna get some green tea with mint, do u know if we can have chamomile tea and liquorice tea??
I think only leaf tea is allowed but you need to check x
ooo i had no idea your supposed to drink them within 15 mins, my CDC said i could make it up drink half at say 8am then half at 10am if i found them too much to begin with, am trying a choc shake this afternoon so hoping that will go down a bit easier, do you just make yours using the 225ml thats reccomended?
I`m a little bit :confused: at your CDCs advice, As she really should know that the longer you leave the shake, The more nutritional benefit you lose. If you look on the back of the sachet, It advises you to drink it within 15 minutes.

I tend to use 5flz for the porridge and about 10fl oz for my shakes, So a little bit extra for the shakes. I can`t eat the soups (Well, The Spicy Tomato is GF but I don`t like it).

I usually have my first shake about 9.30am before I go to work (after school run etc as I don`t eat first thing).




Why Be Normal?
Hi JenBob --

SS is right. My LL counsellor used to say, "from the leaf, not the root" and licorice is from the root. However, I always drank ginger tea when I was on LL and it never kicked me out of ketosis. (And, I lost 5 stone.)

Thanks for the advice i will def take it all on board,
am not a lover of water i have to say so its taking me a while to get through it (am on my 3rd glass today) much prefer my squash,

am starting to feel a bit peckish now tho and my belly is rumbling quite a bit, am going to try one of the soups this evening hoping that it will maybe get rid of the rumbling feeling



Why Be Normal?
Ask your CDC about the water flavourings. I think there is one that is supposed to taste like squash.

Have you tried with a water bottle? I find them SO much easier than drinking from a glass x
no i haven't got a drinks bottle yet, have filled up an empty 2L bottle with water and fridged that tho so i know how much i'm drinking.

Have just had my choc shake... please someone tell me you get used to the taste of these shakes? i managed to finish it within the 15 mins this time unlike my morning one but it was a case of neck it then drink a heap of water after. I have a strawberry one to try that will be tomorrow tho as i plan to have soup for my last meal today so might have to go back to my CDC and see if she will swap some flavours for me.

can you only have the one soup a day?

(sorry for all the qu's)


Silver Member
Personally I came to love only one flavour of CD packet shake- the choc mint- and only then if mixed with a good chunk of ice and blender blitzed.

It took me a good few weeks & trial & error to find this out.
I also like the Tetras (hot or in a glass with ice) & all the bars (just a couple more weeks till you can have them...)

Well done for starting this journey.

Keep experimenting & hopefully you'll find something you like.
sorry if i sound a bit thick, what are tetras? have seen them mentioned a couple of times on here but am not sure what they are.

The chocolate shake def went down easier than the forest fruits this morning, i'll be happy if i can find just one that i like and knowing me i will prob stick to that one when i find it.

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