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Newbie starting!

Hi all, have started on ss this morning and am feeling full of positiveness one minute and then worried that I won't be able to do it the next! Have had two shakes so far and they are not too bad but am struggling to get through the water, have had two litres so far. Seem to be spending most of my time on the loo! Am on holiday from work this week so I thought it would be the best time to start. Anyway, have found this forum so hopefully I will be inspired by lots of other people.
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Hi Daisy,

Welcome and good luck.

I am now on day 12 of SS. My first week went okay - just remember why you are doing this at any weak moments. And dont take that first bite/lick/drink is my top tip for getting through the first few days.

I lost 7.4 lbs in my first week - not as much as some, but I was over the moon. I am looking forward to seeing another loss on the scales at weigh-in number two.

Everyone says it gets easier after the first few days, and it does! In that you shouldnt be hungry. At least not 'proper' hunger. You might still want to eat - but that is natural!

My OH wasnt best pleased when I asked if I could snog him cos he was eating Monster Munch and the smell was driving me nuts the other day. I didnt want to eat the crisps, just the flavour - if you know what I mean!!!

Anyway, I will shut up now. Good luck - and drink that water!

Take care
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welcome to the board hon!!

I too felt like that when I first started CD..would I be able to do it???
But before you know it you are counting the days that you have been ss-ing and its just an amazing feeling! I remember getting to the end of the first day and it was the first time I had ever gone for a whole day with out conventional food......but it was just such a huge buzz!!!

I lost 3st 3 in about 3 months(through my own stupidity I have had to start all over again!!:sigh:).........so yes it does work and yes you can do it.......you just have to take each day at a time and on the bad days hour by hour and be happy when you go to bed of an evening knowing you have completed another day of SS-ing.

Your body will soon get used to the extra water and the loe trips will soon calm down...having said that I still have to go once a night!!LOL

good luck and keep up the good work!
Hugs Lou X

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hi Daisy!!

Welcome on board the CD Train - next stop skinnyville !!!
I am currently on Day 20 of SS'ing and after a blip over a weekend, I feel that I am in the "zone".

Everyone on here is wonderful and great for handing out the support and advice when you need it.

Good luck on your journey.




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:wavey:Welcome Daisy! I think everyone has pretty much covered all the advice. We are here if you need us - during the good and bad moments. We have all been there. Without the support of Minimins I wouldn't be into week 3 - go on chick give it a go. You'll be pleased you did at WI. Good luck Vxx

Lil K

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Hi Daisy :wavey:
Good luck with SS. I'm on Day 6, and can say that it is getting easier. My advice is take it day by day, and if necessary one shake/bar/soup at a time. Also just try and keep busy to avoid having to think about food - I've started keeping a manual diary so that I can write down my thoughts and feelings etc, been doing puzzles/sudoku/crosswords and coming on Minimins whenever I can. I don't always post, just quite often read previous threads for inspiration. It certainly worked for me yesterday when I was feeling a bit low. Oh yes, and keep on drinking that water - that will also get easier. I struggled to get the 2.25 litres into me the first day, but am up to 4 litres now........trouble is I'm never far away from the loo now though :D:giggle:
Thank you!

I am very grateful for all your messages of support.:sign0144:Just another few hours till my first day is over, thank goodness! feeling very hungry and headachy now, can't wait to go to bed! Lol. :)
x daisy x


Staff member
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Hi daisy,

Well done on getting this far you have almost today done and dusted.

If the headache keeps up take your ususal pain killer for it to break the cycle.

The first few days are tough but it does get easier and if your feeling a bit off drink some water as it does help.

You do also get used to the amount of water and thankfully don't have to go to the loo as much.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Diasy
welcome on board - I'm on day 13 (unlucky for some he he). Was SS ing but now eating small amounts of the list - still loosing. But you can do it, stick with it girl!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs V

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Hi Daisy.

How are you doing today Hun???


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Hey Daisy, I only started SS thismorning. Am feeling really positive......give it a couple of days though! lol Hope you're feeling ok. How're you getting on today?
Rayven. xx

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