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Newbie struggling

Hi everyone newbie here (to forum not SW) bit of info on me, joined SW in Jan this year and have to date lost over 5stone:D I still cant believe it! However this last month or so I have been wobbling badly and thought you guys could keep me on the straight and narrow as I still have loads to loose:cry: I am also worried I will go mad at christmas and eat everything.
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hey girlie. pull yourself together !! :p LOL jokes.

5 stone is bloody amazing , took me just over a year to shift 4 and a half, so good on you.. you should be so proud.

as for xmas. Tell yourself if you loose a pound a week every week untill xmas, you can eat what you want.. thats what my best friend is doing, as for me.. i always go with the approach, be good when you can.. and write everything down.. but don't deny yourself anything.. just remember to ask yourself ' do i actually want this, or is it because i'm feeling festive?' LOL.. (the festive feeling always is an excuse for me lol)

and don't feel guilty. xmas is a lovley time, and there will be many more ahead of you to tackle, so don't make it a traumatic 'omg what am i gunna do' expierance, plan & prepare.. and learn from any mistakes.. but enjoy..and don't feel guilty! be proud of yourself

Don't panic about Christmas. I'm still wondering how I'm going to get through Halloween :eek: :p

If you really are concerned about Christmas, why not have a look at the Christmas menu thread set up by Phil? If you are doing a RED day Christmas, there just so happens to be a wonderful syn free menu on there..:D.....Can you guess who wrote it yet :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Hi FernXx thanks I am proud I have never lost anything like this amount. Funny though even after nearly a year I thought I could have sweets and choc in the house for hubby but I tried last week and it tortured me lol your right though Christmas is just 1 day and there is only so much I can eat in 1 day lol

Hi Lonestitcher oh I forgot about Halloween but as I dont have any kids yet (thats the reason for the weight loss:D) I will just let my hubby deal with that one he can take the leftovers to work. Will have a look at your menu thout sounds great thanks.
Wow! 5 stone is amazing! I think we could all take some lessons from you hun not the other way round. I too am going to be good till the festive season erm.. which tends to start when mince pies come on the shelf ahhhh now!! No only joking I am resisting them. Just don't look in their direction. However, come Christmas I will be treating myself and then getting straight back on the plan come new year. All the best with your weight loss. xx
Well done on your amazing weight loss. Don't worry about Christmas yet. We'll all hold hands and get through it together xx
Oh thanks for the boost everyone. I seem really strong until there is nice food in the house lol I am avoiding supermarkets with halloween treats and selection boxes oh all those buy one get one free's!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
5 stone is AWESOME! Don't even think about Xmas yet! Keep going, and we'll all pull yogether for Xmas!


I'm the tortoise.
You will manage. You've spent all this time food optimising, so you obviously know what you're doing. Plan ahead, and if you're out, stick to low syns, or have a flexi-syns day. Kepp up the body magic over the season too. Winter walks are lovely.
As an echo to the others wel done so far. That is fantastic! Christmas is just one of thise things we all have to learn to deal with. The good thing is there are many stratagies for it so just pick the one that suits you.

Also know that if you put on over christmas you already know a very successful way to get rid of those extra pounds which you are very successful at sticking to. Now banish those worries and take it a pound at a time.
Yep your right even skinny people must gain a few pounds at Christmas so I will just have to deal with it when the time comes. I also like winter walks evanesco I
always feel refreshed when I have been on a good walk.


Not such a fat kat now :)
5 stone!! Thats amazing since January. I wish I could lose weight so quickly. Im afraid mine comes off slow but sure. You can afford not to worry so much if you lose weight so quickly and even if you put on 1 stone as long as you know what youve eaten to put on the stone and your head is in the right place then it will be easy to get on track again. Dont worry, you still need to live and it is christmas
Hi toofatkat Ithink weight has come off quick as I had sooo much to loose (and still have) it has slowed down this last month or so but not sure if I have been a bit slack with the synns lol I will get back to my normal self as I want to go to Egypt next year so I will have a goal set. Like you said though so long as it comes off and stays off thats all im bothered about.

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