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Newbie - Third Day

Eventually am on lol

Just thought I would say Hi to everyone :D

This is my third day on LT and so far not finding it too difficult apart from night time. I have one of those husbands that eats everything and does not put weight on - that was my downfall when meeting him hence why am on LT

I know I shouldnt but I have weighed myself after day 2 as old habits dont die hard from being on WW and so far I have lost 3 pounds which is helping me along :eek:
My only problem so far is my breath smells wrank what do other people do, I used mouthwash last night not sure if I can use that on this

Anyways enough rambling and glad I found this site as you are all a inspiration to me and helping me through my days xx:D
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Jessie 888

one life only
Hi there, Rooncat, and welcome! :D

Sounds like you've made a good start. Not sure how much you have to lose but good luck with it all. I think the mouthwash is OK but don't quote me on that! Loads of water also helps.
Thanks Jessie x
Am drinking lots of water I feel like a camel !! luckerly for me I have always dranks black coffee and water in the day so only had to up my water intake

I have about 3 stone to lose which I want to achieve on here then do atkins for a while and steadly wean myself off onto WW

Just hoping I can stay strong and do this. People are already thinking I will fail so that keeps me motivated !!:mad:

Cat x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi Cat, ive got 3 stone to lose also, we can do it together! I lost 7.5 lbs in 6 days, got weighed yesterday. I was thrilled to bits. So here goes week 2. My hubby actually weighs less than me and is 6 ft 2, im 5ft 4 so i have that to continiously compete against ?. Good luck this week xx
Hi Cham Pers

Fantasic results for your first week, it will keep you motivated and on track !! good luck on your second week

OMG snap My hubby is 6ft 2 also weighs about 12 st. am 5 ft 7 and started this at 15st11 ibs my first weigh in is Monday so fingers crossed.
And definately we can do this together, we need to keep strong and keep thinking there is no feeling like feeling Thin !!!;)
I'm on my third day too and am feeling great! So far it's been a lot easier than I thought. Well done for your loss already.. I'm promising myself I won't weigh until I go pharmacy but the temptation is killer! Keep at it and keep up the water for the stinky breath! I have also been wondering about mouthwash??! Is it safe to use??
hi and welcome . you can use listerine mouthwashand fresh breath strips from the chemist .
Lots of luck:)
Thanks Suzanne I shall get some when I go to pick up my next supply

I had the normal mouthwash last night is this bad ?? it was listerine:confused:
im not too sure if it matters if its listerine or not, i dont actually use listerine,i find it too strong.My chemist don't stock the breath strips and i can't seem to find them anywhere , so i spend the day brusing my teeth cos the taste of my breath is disgusting .lol
lol, that how I feel its not an attractive thing to have especially when I go to see customers and talk to people in the office. I might have to invest in a Michael Jackson mask at this rate :giggle:to hide how wrank my breath actually is
Hi rooncat, like yourself and squeeze86, I start on Monday. Things have been going well, to be honest, it has been easier than I was expecting so far. I’m thinking about food a lot, but I’m not having any problems sleeping. I think the hardest thing so far has been drinking so much water. I was told by my pharmacist to use Listerine or the breath strips.
Hi No More Pie

Love the name lol

am just getting one of my collegues to go to morrisons to get me the listerine spray at least I can have it in my bag then ;)

Am too doing Ok not craving anything which is good am on day 3 now and just had my first shake my stomach must be shrank which is a positive !! just hope it carries on like this and it will make it easier for mex

Good luck on your LT journey x

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