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Newbie..Tips would be helpful

My name is Sam,
I'm 19, 5ft 2 and My starting weight was 17st 2.

I have been on Cambridge for a week and a day now, I weighed myself yesterday and i weigh 16st 10 now.
Is that good for my first week?
I don't have a consultant as i am getting the shakes from a girl at work.
Is there any foods that i am allowed to have if i am feeling really hungry after the shakes?
Last week i had some tuna for my evening meal instead of a shake...

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

Thanks :)
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Hey well done on the loss. I really think you are meant to see an approved cambridge councellor to get the shakes just to mKe sure you are safe and healthy.

My advice would be to drink lots of water. There are no additional foods allowed if you are hungry but by now you should be in ketosis and not too hungry.

Good luck with the diet
Any particular reason why you're buying them from a girl at work? Sorry, you probably think we're being a bit funny - but honestly, you could really do with seeing a proper Cambridge Weightcare Plan Consultant (CWPC) so that you get all the right care and advice.

Most CWPCs are lovely supportive people who are well-used to dealing with us horizontally-challenged people :) - and if you happened to come across one who isn't, generally you can always find another. If you call 0800 161412 (it's a freephone no), you should be able to find someone in your area.

The other thing I'm wondering is whether the girl from work is overcharging you? You shouldn't be paying any more than about £40 a week (and many CWPCs charge less). If that seems too steep, you could always consider Exante (which works out at around £25 per week if you buy in bulk).

Don't get me wrong - we'll try to help you with any Cambridge questions you have but I for one would feel happier if you were doing this with the correct support.

LOL, I can be such a Mother Hen... :D
Incidentally - you need to have all three shakes in a day to get the correct balance of nutrients. If you don't, you're putting your body under a lot of strain, which at this time of year means you'll be asking to catch all the nasty colds and flu around.

Don't have two shakes and a can of tuna - that can of tuna won't contain much fibre or vitamins, etc. If you get peckish, then have all three shakes and then (if you really have to) reach for the tuna or some plain chicken.
Hi Sammie,

I'm starting the diet on Friday but i think losing 6lb in your first week is really good!! Well Done!!
I just hope i do as well as you have so far..
But i don't think you can eat doing the diet as that might hinder you losing weight.
Good Luck on your journey x

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