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Newbie To Atkins few questions...

Hey, I'm hoping i'll get a response on here as i can see it's not the busiest forum.
I've decide to give the Atkins diet a go but feel confused about how much 20g carbs amounts 2!??

I know i can have meat, fish, eggs, butter and mayo liberally but after that i get lost!
It says i can have
*3cups of salad a day or 2cups of salad and 1 veg
* 90-110g of cheese a day
*2-3tbsp cream
*most spices and herbs

So does all that mean that all i've stared (*) equals 20g of carbs a day?
REALLY hope some1 can help me!!
Thanks x
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I've done Atkins but as a vegetarian I found it just too awkward and difficult - and the rate of weight loss was, for me, too slow. However I know people who have lost stones on the Atkins plan and who still go back to it when they want to lose a bit of weight fairly quickly.

The best thing about it is the hunger-suppressing effect of ketosis, and the fact that you can eat quite a lot and still lose weight. You might find it costly if you eat a lot of lean meat!

My advice would be to go on the Atkins site and read and read and read. You may have done so already - if so, I apologise for stating the obvious. Everything you need to do and not do is explained there.

Good luck, and please keep us posted!
I am glad someone else is confused by it, I have been trying to find out information because I have heard so many contradicting reports on it all. I think I am just using it as an excuse to put off making a positive decision because I am so low about everything at the moment. Hope it goes well for you though :)

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