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Newbie to CD

Hello all,
I am going to be starting the Cambridge Diet next week after many failed attempts at Slim Fast!
I have about 3-4 stone to lose in order to have IVF. I am going to the gym every single day and doing Body Pump 3 times a week, Unfortunatly, I seem to be staying at around 13st 6lb although I have lost 3 inches and am quite toned now!!! Sadly, because the hospital measure your BMI (so out of date!)I have to find a way to get that down, Hence why Im here :)
I have been told that exercise is not advised on this diet??? I really cant stop , it has now become the thing I do "that gets me up in the mornings"!
Anyway, I hope to get to know all of you , I have a feeling this is going to be a bumpy ride!!!
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You really cant be doing much excercise on this diet.
Not at all the first week ( youll bot feel great anyways) and afterwards it needs to be gentle.

If your doing Sole source then you are only having just over 400 cals a day. Getting rid of those calories will make your body starve totally and you will feel crap, you can do gentle excercise though - walking, swimming.

Sorry i couldnt be more help :) Jem x
Hi, welcome to CD, it's fantastic if you stick to it and you sound really motivated, and you've the perfect reason to. As jem says, you really can't excercise on ss as there's so few cals. One of the CDC's will give you more info but you've just got to take it steady while your body gets used to so few cals. When you're at goal (only take you about three months ish) you will build up and be able to get to the gym again, don't see it as a bad thing, just let your body do what it needs then tone and shape.

You'll do great, can't wait to watch your progress and then hopefully you'll stick around so we can cheer your IVF on.
welcome to the weird and wonderful world of CD. Take it easy the first few days hun, you'll be cold and not have much energy.

Stick to minimins too - this forum is the best! xxxxxxx
Hi and welcome to Minis and the Rollercoaster of CD - keep us posted with how you are getting on, we're always here if you need us! Good luck

Hi there and welcome!

Just thought I'd add that CD isn't like Slimfast--on CD you'll go into ketosis in a few days--and then you won't feel hungry!

The first time I did a low carb diet I couldn't believe the difference. I found myself forgetting to eat. So don't worry about your failures on Slimfast--this really isn't the same.

Just give it at least a week, okay? And stick to it 100%--cheating matters more on this diet than any other--commit to this and I promise you'll lose weight--fast!

All the best, hun!
Hi and thankyou for all the replies :)
I will take all of your advice and keep you posted on the IVF if and when it happens!
Im still not sure that I am doing the right thing as I have so much to cope with right now but Im going to take one day at a time and not be too hard on myself if I fall off the wagon now and again.
I did'nt say too much about myself before so here goes....
My name is Sarah and I am 29 , married to a wonderful man called James who is in the Army. We are based in Germany but I am back in the UK for the time being to care for my Dad who has terminal cancer.
This year has been the most difficult ever. I found out I was pregnant in October 2006 , all was going ok until a series of events was to change everything, My great aunt passed away in Jan this year, my dad was diagnosed in Feb, through all this we were moving to Germany ,finally got there and settled when I went in to premeture labour in March, sadly baby Angelika was born too soon to survive. We had her repatriated to the UK and held her funeral in West Sussex in late March. She was and is our only child.
Since then I have had a thyroid problem diagnosed and also had to have surgery to remove my gall bladder.
I could let 2007 become the year to forget BUT it has shown me how precious and short life can be , so I am grabbing what is left of the year and trying to make a difference to myself, sure, there are days I want to hide under a duvet and stick two fingers up at the world and sometimes I allow myself that but thats not going to change anything!
Im here to lose weight and gain my life back with the dream of one day being able to have another child.
What more motivation do I need?
Thanks for reading this , Sarah xxx
I have just read your posts and I am really sorry to hear that you have had so much heartache in such a short space of time, you are in my thoughts.
A friend of mine has just switched from Slimfast to CD and is loving it...she even lost 9lbs in her first week.
You have a huge reason to stay focused on this plan and yes; it is sometimes difficult, but with everything that you have had to face for so long, you are a strong person who can get through it.
Come on here and post as much as you like, we are all here for advice and support...we all need that sometimes!

Take care and I wish you the very best of luck with your decisions.



please try again
hey prinezzin
so sorry to hear all that youve had to go through this year :(

have you gone onto bliss premature baby website?
the support there for parents of prem babies ( they have an area for those who couldnt stay and those trying again )

my names claire and im the mum of a 25 weeker premmie and i find it invalubale for the bad days

as for CD your with friends here, everyone is wonderful and very supportive, the first week isnt easy but when i had wobbles i came here to read the posts and look at the insperation slideshow

hope you get on well with CD and get that appointment for ivf treatment

goodluck :)


Fairy Princess to Be
Hi, Welcome & Big Hugs!
Cambridge & Exercise seem to have a bit of a strange relationship in my experience. As has been said, it's really not advisable to do too much if you're going on Sole Source, especially at first, but if your focus is weight loss it's a good way to go.
There are different plans that allow you to incorporate some food too and would allow you to do a bit more exercise BUT, in my experience, exercising even while on these plans can significantly slow down your weight-loss.
The most important thing to remember is that people respond differently to the diet, to exercise and to any combination thereof.
It's definitely worth making an appointment with a CD Counsellor for a chat and some advice and maybe talk to your gym about a low-intensity toning regime; that way you won't lose the benefits you've already reaped but won't be jeapardising your diet/health.
Good luck!

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