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Total Solution Newbie (to Exante) saying heya


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Just dropping in to say 'heya' and make myself known to the Exante crew :)

Just coming to the end of my first week - all going well so far and in ketosis now (phew). I'm not new to VLCDs having used Cambridge in the past -so I was ready for the first few crappy days and I know (kinda) what I'm doing.

I was a little unsure whether to go the Exante route or not (having decided to go back onto a VLCD) -but chose it primarily because it's cheaper (at least it is if you get the bumper packs) and because I've no longer got a car - so getting to a CD counsellor would have been problematic.

I must say I'm pretty impressed with the flavours so far. I ordered the multi bumper pack and am glad I did. I thought I'd risk not liking a couple of things -as it is though I really like them all. I've added black pepper to all of the soups (because I like a bit of 'zing') and pepper sauce to the tomato and basil -which helped improve its rather peculiar colouring (salmon pink tomato soup - what's that all about :eek:).

The shakes I've found are less sweet that CD (which actually suits me), but slightly less flavoursome (I can live with that). Both shakes and soups seem to mix up much easier than CD and I can easily whisk up a soup at work -so no need to premix, or have a blender or shaker thing handy. I am very much liking the bars - certainly makes it easier when out and about and will make up for the lack of tetra briks (CD product) - mind you I did used to love freezing the briks, so I will miss that.

So that'll make it easier to stick at it for the next two - three months and shift this excess poundage (aim to lose around 2.5stone) ready for a family gathering in June. I'm no angel, so I suspect they'll be times when I :break_diet: but overall I hoping to be a slimmer me by the Summer (roll on the sunshine).

I'm not one of your more prolific posters - but I do like a natter and so looking forward to the odd banter or two with you good folks.
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Hey welcome guys good luck with exante there is a sticky somewhere about making the shakes/soups a bit nicer. U can put tablet sweeteners in the shakes and cinnamon or coffee in the vanilla I think that one is quiet popular. Tobasco sauce can go in all the soups as well. I think there's a few more but can't remember of the top of my head.

Good luck guys xxx


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Yet another newbie piggybacking onto Domino's thread. Like her I'm a former successful CD user, but during 3 years of illness I lost the plot and regained a whole bunch of weight!
Just on day 2 of Exante, and I have to say the Thai Chicken is just amazing. Lovely lemongrass flavour!

The bumper pack is great value, and the taste/texture mixture should make dieting less boring.

Good luck to today's newbies, and here's to a slimmer summer for all.
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Thanks all for the welcomes and especially to the newbies who joined in on this thread. This will be the first weekend - so gotta stay strong. If you can get through the first weekend without a blip, then you're onto a winner. I plan to keep myself busy - lots to do in the garden (if the weather holds).

I've also started walking to work - a little under 3 miles, and will dust off some of my exercise DVDs this weekend and set myself some workout goals.

Well, time to watch a bit of Lee Evans (need a chuckle or too on a Friday night).

Have a great weekend all :)

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