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Newbie to Slimfast

Hi there, I'm a newbie to the Slimfast Diet. I have been doing WW for around 9 weeks and have lost 17lbs to date. Which I know is good going. Its just lately I've been stuffing my face at the weekend and completely ruining my hard work in the week. Thought I'd try slimfast and see if it regulates my eating a bit better. Today I've had Strawberry shake and SF peanut bar. At lunch I had Strawberry shake and Cheese and onion baked crisps (says 99cals) and I've just had a chicken stirfry with noodles for tea and am going to have a snack of SF caramel chocolate bar before bed. Does this sound right? Am trying to get water down too. Any advice appreciated :)
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Hi Kat, welcome to slimfast and good luck with it. Sounds like you've had a great first day, well done :) The first few days can be hard, but it does get better. Just stick to your plan and drink lots of water and you'll do fine! Well done on the great loss on WW, wow. Hope you get on really well with slimfast :)
Thanks for the good wishes Stirky7. Feeling positive again today! Had shake and banana snack for breakfast, Shake and quavers snack for lunch. Just had salmon fillet, new potatoes and broccoli for tea and still have my snack bar for later if I get peckish (sure I will). But generally I feel good, tried Slim Fast a few years ago and found first few days terrible so I stopped, maybe doing WW has helped with cravings etc initially. Is it ok to have Diet Coke on this diet, I am addicted!! :eek:
Yes I don't see a problem with diet coke, as long as you aren't drinking gallons of the stuff lol! I have a can most days, like one in the evening if I have a sweet craving, also finds it fills me up if I'm feeling peckish!
Welcome Kat...well done on your loss already:)

Diet coke is 1cal per can (330ml) so yes it is fine.... but think of your teeth;)

Mel x
Still here! Had Pizza express Gustova pizza yesterday for main meal and its only 500 kcal (they say!). Tonight treating kids to a McD's and on their website it says 6 nuggets and medium chips are 580 kcal so guessing thats ok to have! Going to try and stick as best I possibly can this weekend. Hope everyone has a good one! :)
Completely messed up the weekend !!! So gutted, think it was the sunshine that did it. But I'm here again this morning Slim fast and snack down, so hopefully can see the day through and follow on through the week. Just another stone and I can be overweight not obese!

Good luck! I hope it works out for you!!
Well done on ur loss with WW. I lost 2st years ago with WW but lost control when I tried it again recently, I kept cheating!! With SF its hard to cheat cos its more regimented! I hope the weight starts falling off now!
Had another bad week, but am determined to get back on it, nothing seems to be working for me at the moment. Think I lost my first stone, then everything slows down. Have just had first shake. Have run out and cant get any until tomorrow so am going for a real low calorie day to compensate and lots of fluid, then get some tomorrow morning. Don't think I've gained too much but won't weigh myself til the end of the week or I might cry!! :cry:
Hang in there Kat. We all know how hard it can be at times, but you've just got to stick with it. Once you start seeing the results it will make you more determined to get rid of the rest. Once you get more limfast and get back with it I'm sure you'll feel better. The first couple of weeks can be hard, especially when you think you're not getting anywhere, but it takes a while before you notice any changes. Other people usually notice before we do ourselves. You're doing great x
You'll be alright, Kat. Just do the best you can and keep looking forward. You've done so well this far. It helps me to just keep posting. More chat, less chew. :patback:

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