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Newbie to slimfast

Hello, i'm a newbie to slim fast, so will be very grateful for any advice. I'm going to start on Monday and just going to boots now to buy my slimfast as been told its on offer at £2.99 a tin. I did lipotrim last year and lost a stone and a half but have but 7lb of that back on. Do you have to drink lots of water on slimfast?
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yes drinking lots of water is essential for any diet!!!

Start a diary it really does help keep you on track!!!

Add ice to the powder shakes you make!! Makes them much more froffy!!

Tesco also have the same offer as boots!!!!

Welcome and good luck!!!
Hi Cheralyn

I'm also starting Slimfast but starting tomorrow instead of Monday. Have just been to Tesco's and stocked up on healthy snacks etc and food for the meal. I've also been collecting bottles so i can stock up water in the fridge so i make sure i get my 2 litres in.

I work from home so my struggle is going to be going to the gym after work rather than just heading downstairs to the sofa which is the pattern i've gotten into in the last year.

Good luck and here's to "seeing" less of both of us next week :)


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welcome goreygirl!!!
Good luck
Thanks Kes

Looks like you are going well :) I've also got some Alli.. do you find the Xenical makes a difference?


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i think it works for me!! Each person is different, but im loving the way things are going
Whats xenical??
I done SF last yr and lost about a stone but Ive piled it bk on!
So Im bk 2 the gym 2m and I started SF again yesterday. Talking on here really helps me stay focussed cos u realise ur not the only 1, and u can tell everyone about ur loss and feel really proud!
Xenical - is it for you?
Xenical is a drug that aids weight loss. Principally it is for the clinically obese, those who are overweight and those whose weight causes medical complications, such as diabetes and sufferers from high cholesterol. If you are unsure as to whether this means you, you should check your body mass index. Overweight is a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. Xenical is NOT for use as a general slimming aid.
How does it work?
Xenical stops the absorption of fat and controls fat intake.
Additional benefits of Xenical are:
· Reduces cholesterol (improves the LDL/HDL ratio)
· Reduces high blood pressure
· Reduces the amount of anti-diabetic medication required
· Reduces body fat.
One capsule (120mg) is to be conveniently taken with each main meal three times a day.
No benefit whatsoever is derived from increasing this dosage. The convenience of taking a capsule with each main meal is to enable you to remember to take the correct dosage. Should your meal contain very little fat then Xenical will be of little benefit, but not harmful. Under no circumstances should you take more than three Xenical capsules per day, although accidental over-dosage has had no proven side effects. Should you forget to take a dose, simply continue as usual, taking a capsule with your next main meal.
Discontinuing your Xenical treatment
Xenical is non-addictive. After you stop taking Xenical your system will be free of any traces of the medication after three days. Xenical aids weight loss and should not be taken permanently. When you are satisfied with your weight loss sensible eating and exercise should take over where Xenical left off. Should you require using Xenical again you may. Tests have shown that it is safe for up to two years continuous use.
ohhhhhhhhh! Thanks!!
You're welcome Sach.

I've bought some Alli alli - weight loss programme for healthy weight loss before and it's still in the cupboard but not sure if it's worth it considering how little fat i'm going to be taking in on this programme. Might try it for the first month and then see.
A friend of mine done that and had pizza and sweated fat in her sleep!
Hi all

I am starting slim fast tomorrow and stocking up from Tesco on my way to work. Thought lossing weight was tough but cannot navigate this site!! Posted a message yesterday but cant find it so not sure what happened!
So wish me luck as I am really starting to feel unhealthy and I will hopefully work out how to chat more often!


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the post you did yesterday was in the xenical side to the site....
(if you click on your name above next to your post it will drop down and you can click on more posts you have done...)

or click on User CP in the top blue bar (at the top of the page) and it will take you to any posts you have written in and that others have replied to....

Good luck in getting around the site... the more you post and mosey around the easier it will get..


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I dont know whether I should start tomorrow or not. I have a history of eating disorders and diets jsut dont seem to work anymore. I did cambridge for a 12 week period last year and lost 3 stone, but since then I have hovered around the same weight regardless of what I eat and how much I exercise.
Sorry to hear about your troubles Shelz. Have you had any psychological support for your beliefs about food and diet? If not or if it was many years ago maybe you should explore that side of things first?
Slim fast virgin!

Hi all

Never mind starting slim fast for the first time I am struggling to navigate this website!!

Well, I am starting slim fast tomorrow and never done it before so wish me look. I am looking forward to only having to concoct one healthy meal but hoping the shake will fill me up. Keep you posted x
Thanks Kes that really helped and I think I am getting there.... slowly! Any tips for doing slim fast I see your doing very well. I am trying to increase my water intake as it has been ZERO and I have read things posted about xenical. Does this need to be precribed or can you buy it over the counter? and is it the same as Alli?


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sorry for the delay in getting back to you...
Alli is the over the counter version of the dr prescribed... and does exactly the same thing....

hows it going?? have you managed to try and drink more???

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