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Newbie to sw...sts

Hiya, i started slimming world about 3 weeks ago. I am doing it at home using the food optimising book(2000 edition), i follow the green plan. I have sts since i started and i fill up on free foods.The only difference i observed is that my tummy doesnt bulge and my waist is getting more defined. I am in Africa and the food items listed below are the common 'sw food' available here.
Sweet potatoes
White bread
Beans, including baked beans
Corn on cub, including sweet corn canned
Plantain, it a bigger type of banana
Whole-grain cereals
Full cream milk
Low fat yoghurt
Chocolate drink(i love it)
I usually have fruit and fibers with full cream as my Hex and a piece of fish/chicken.
I need help so that i can begin to lose weight, i have got about 60lbs to lose.
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S: 18st5.5lb C: 11st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.42%)
Hi and welcome! You would be better posting a diary of what you are eating so we can take a look and give you advice. While many of the foods you list are free foods on SW others are not and how you cook them can also affect the syn values.

Meat and poultry are not free foods on the green plan so you should only be having a small, measured amount of these as healthy extras if you want them. The same with wholegrain cereals and milk. Your white bread, low fat yoghurt and chocolate drink would all need synned.

So giving us an idea of what you eat on a daily basis would be the best place to start.


Is a crunchy mama!
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Hiya slimfit, hope you're getting the help you need. You can post an example of your typical day here so we can take a look and se what needs adjusting.
Another weigh in today and i have sts.
These are examples of what i eat.I have a seven month old baby boy that i breastfeed.He gets about 65% of his daily food from breast milk.
Day 1
2 toast(white bread)
1 boiled egg
1 tbsp of chocolate beverage
1 tbsp of powdered whole milk
1 tbsp of sugar

Sweet potatoes with cajun spice
Pasta, roasted plantain
2 tbsp of stew (blended tomatoes, bell pepper, onions and oil)
2 pears
Corn on cob

Day 2
50g of Kellogs fruit n fibers
1 tbsp powdered whole milk
1 tbsp sugar
Spaghetti cooked with green peas, carrot, sweet corn ,chill and 2 a tbsp of oil. Served with a piece of chicken/fish.
Leftover spaghetti ,served with cucumber and a boiled egg.
2 pears
2 apples
S: 18st5.5lb C: 11st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.42%)
I think you need to sit down and read your books again - at first glance it doesn't look like you are following SW quite right.

Which plan are you doing? Have you actually added up your syns for the day - in your breakfast alone there are probably your full syn allowance for the day. White bread needs to be synned and is 4.5 syns per medium slice, sugar is 1 syn for a level teaspoon so a tablespoon will be around 3-5 syns, you also need to syn your powdered milk and your chocolate drink. Also oil is 6 syns a tablespoon.

What are you having for your healthy extras - as a breastfeeding mum you should be having more than normal (anything up to 4 more a day) and assuming you are on extra easy I can't see any (unless it is extra virgin olive oil you are having). Also on extra easy you are not getting your one third superfree in at each meal.

You would be best to get a more recent book as yours is really out of date now, which will not be helping.

Don't give up - you just need to make some adjustments and make sure you are eating the right foods - both your you and your baby.
I follow the green plan.
I dont use extra virgin olive oil.
I have read my food optimising book thoroughly,there is nothing for bf mums.Even the hexs are not called hexs, it must be an old edition.
Yesterday was weigh, anddddddddd i lost 2lbs. I am so happy,it took me 4 weeks though i did not follow the plan 100%. I joined slimming world online this morning so that i will be committed and motivated. Slimming World works, 58lb to go.

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