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Hello everyone, just joined the site and started Slimming World 2 weeks ago, 2nd weigh-in tonight. Only lost 1.5 lbs last week even though I have been following the plan 100% - hope to have done better this week!
I have just been looking on the Syns online on the SW website, and was shocked to see that if I went to Wetherspoons and had a steak, with jacket potato and salad, that it comes up as being around 50 syns by their reckoning...anyone know why that might be? Do Wetherspoons deep-fry their meals or what????
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Oh dear, we've had this can of worms opened many many times!

Welcome by the way!

Don't worry too much - the jacket potato without butter is free, the salad without dressing is free and the steak without fat will be free (ish) depending on how it is cooked and how lean it is.

Have a look through the Eating Out sub forum, there's a lot of Wetherspoons stuff in there.


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Oh yes, this old can of worms certainly is a biggie!

however, I'm still confused by it, and dont think anyone has ever got to the bottom of it.

While I don't buy this urban myth about Wetherspoons deep frying their jacket spuds, the simple fact is, syns online and the food directory show that a jacket, steak and salad is around 50 syns.

For the love of god, how??

On extra Easy:

Baked Potato (no butter) = Free
Steak (grilled, or cooked with Frylight, fat removed) = Free
Salad (no dressing) = free

Are slimming world really saying that there are 50 syns worth of butter, cooking oil, steak fat and salad dressing in these meals?


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The urban myth is just that - previous threads have had letters and emails from Wetherspoons confirming this.

The EE values are always contentious because they don't take red and green foods into account. They'd only allow for one free food. They also take into account butter and dressing and oil. No way would the steak be cooked in fry light. If only! I would say though, that this is the value for all of the food?

I wouldn't worry too much - like I said, ask for a jacket potato with no butter, salad with no dressing and cut the fat off the steak and you can't go far wrong.


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Oh please not this urban myth again.

If you look on the wetherspoons website the nutritional information for a jacket spud with beans and salad, no butter and no dressing is exactly the same nutritional information as if you made it yourself the SW way at home.

There would be people going round with a cracked tooth or two if their jacket spuds were deep fried.


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Guys, there is no need to get all het up at the OP for asking something that many people have wondered. They are new to the plan and to the forum and have rightfully questioned why something so seemingly on plan should be so highly synned. (And actually, the "urban myth" is that they inject their potatoes with oil AND deep fry them.)

The short answer is, Pork-Chop, we dont really know why Slimming World have put so many syns on this. Weatherspoons did say they dont fry their jacket potatoes in their reply to me. Well, actually, they said they didnt fire them, because it was badly spelled.

It may well be that Slimming World have taken the fat on the steak, any oil it is cooked in, standard salad dressing, butter on the jacket potato into account when putting a syn value on the meal, and treating it as though it is being served to you without you asking for it to be cooked specifically.

It is, agreed, a lot of syns for something that could be made syn free without any effort - but as Jaylou says, if you ask specifically for it to be steak without the fat on, no butter on the jacket potato, and no salad dressing, as far as we know, that would be absolutely fine.

One of the problems of eating out is that you have no control over how things are cooked or served, so you do need to learn to be quite specific with ordering things in restaurants to avoid where possible any hidden syns.

Welcome to the forum and to the SW plan! :)