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Newbie to VLCD!


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Hi guys,

I've gathered up a whole heap of inspiration from quite a few of you on here, that's made me take the leap!

You're never quite sure if it's a fad etc but since finding this forum, I know this could be the one.

I'm only 19 years old and used to be quite a gym-addict 3 years ago and was around 11st 10 and packing muscle.

Since then, I got more serious with my girlfriend and she helped me quit smoking (which for those that have done that, they know it brings your appetite back).

Well, after letting myself go the first year or 2; taking her out for meals, grabbing fish and chips for lunch at work and for the last year, grabbing fast food for dinner (because I couldn't be bothered to cook).

I kept promising myself I was going to get back to where I was and change but I'd put on 3 or 4 stone since then. I'm 6"2' so I could carry off being overweight, but now it's too far.. and the worse part was mentally. I thought I had what it took, but the fact was I was becoming a couch potato. Granted, I had a lot else going on, with running my own business and studying for a Bachelors in my own time.

Now with the degree completed, I felt I HAD to do something and get of my a** and get fit again. I'm aspiring to join the forces as an IT technician, but am FAR from passing the fitness test. Rather than trying to do the impossible of losing weight, getting fit and building muscle, I thought I'd break it down and here looked like the place to start!

Also, just a week or so ago, my girlfriend of 6 years moved out after some rocky patches.

Rather than get depressed and wonder whether I've made the right decisions and feeling lonely etc, I've decided to turn that emotion into productivity!

I hope to see all of you guys soon when I get started (first month supply is ordered!!), and in the mean time I'm going to get rid of all the temptations in the kitchen cupboards, and do my starting WI :confused: I haven't been on the scales in a good 8 months!
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Blue Butterfly

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Hey Enzo welcome to the Exante family :D
You sound very positive which is fab, this diet is great and although the first few days can be tough it is worth it when you see the results!

Good luck with your weight loss. x


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Good luck Enzo!

You sound really positive and on a vlcd that is what you need!
I'm sure this will work so well for you as men lose the pounds really quickly on exante (lucky things!) x


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Welcome to Exante Enzo. That was a very honest post and you have an amazing positive attitude. Good luck. x x x


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Thanks for all the kind words guys :)

There doesn't seem to be a lot of men on the system but the ones that are have fantastic results!

As a treat for not smoking or drinking since the break up, I've ordered a Kinect and that good Fitness game for my xbox :D


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Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do great :)


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Hey Enzo welcome to Exante, enjoy the ride!


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Hi Enzo and welcome. It's really refreshing to hear that you are turning all the negative things that have happened in your life into positive ones to turn your life around. I wish you all the best luck and remember to come back often for advice or support if you need it and also to let us know how you are getting on. xx:)


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It was very brave to come and tell us all that Enzo.

Good luck with your Exante journey and dont forget we're here to help if you need us. :)


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Hi and welome!
Good luck on Exante, you've made a great start turning your negativity into possitivity! :)


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:p thx all, I certainly will be on here checking up on you guys and posting my results too.

Julie, I may be tempted actually because I'm a pretty good dancer.. well used to be :sigh: so if I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of this first one, I'll be sure to get zumba or a similar one of the time! xx


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Fantastic and great news that you have taken these steps to a fitter and healthier you.

I look forward to reading about your first week's loss



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Julie, it's the 'Your Shape, Fitness Evolved' one :) Got the game through this morning but Kinect won't be here til tomorrow!

Hi Madwife :) Started mine this morning after double and triple checking I'm going about it the right way! That's just my excitement turning into worry!

Vanilla shake, choc orange bar and tomato & basil soup today! Already had one black coffee (not as bad as I thought it would be) but no sugar as haven't got the sweetner tablets yet.

I'm obtaining a set of scales today and having a measure up too :break_diet:xx


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Oh no, 248lbs (17st 10) :cry:

This has actually given me a boost to lose more! In 2008 I was 12st 8, put on 5 stone in just over 2 years... :confused:

My old jeans were 32" tight and 34" baggy, now I'm wearin 40/42" as waist is a whopping 45" now :-(
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Gotta Make A Change
Enzo sir, i am sure you will kick a**, and trust me when i say this, this forum is full of helpful people :) and losing the weight is the starting :) and getting the compliments is also great, how long you given yourself to reach goal? and start date and end date are the same on your profile

p.s i am a guy :=)