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Newbie to WW, where to start???


Needs a kick
Hello, :party0011:
Well i've been on Slim Fast and kinda lost motivation there now so I've dug out my old WW books and am starting today!

I'd love to lose 16ibs before July, Slightly concerned about eating food again! I hope I dont put on weight, even though I wasn't sticking to SF.

Not sure how it works over here, We used to join in monthly challenges and log any weight losses/gains etc....

Any advice welcome, been to WW many times but a few years ago now.
Wish me luck! :party0049:
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Needs a kick
Thank you, Yeah SF is good for short term but you have to get back to eating normally at some point.... Hows it going for you? 4ibs is a great loss x
its going really well, even after my little hiccup on valentines day :S. Its teachign me to eat sensibly and im finding that i hardly ever feel hungry, so its all good :D

MrsHill2b who was on SF as well is on here, and she has started a 37 week challenge, cos thats how long she has left before her last fitting for her wedding dress, and there are other mini challenges. There are teams as well :)


Needs a kick
Cool thank you, WW is massive forum compared to SF. Feel like a fish out of water lol.... I'll get looking for those challenges and teams :O)
lol same here when i first joined, im getting the hang of it a bit more now, and especially seeing as everybody i used to talk to is moving over :D
Lol hope ur well x
perhaps we should have a sub forum 'ww for ex slimfasters' lol
seriously tho welcome aboard and good luck. if you need any help just holler
Its a very big forum! Not sure I will be able to use it as freely as the s.f one as it takes an age to get up to date!


Needs a kick
Thank you for your kind welcomes, I've joined the easter challenge (I think) LOL... I felt excited all day yesterday at the thought of eating food but most importantly being aloud to!
I'd like to join a team but i'll wait to see how my first week eating food goes first, I don't want to let anyone down. :O)

Thanks again
I really want to invest in some new books the new eat out and shop ones but they're so expensive lol! I tried ebay too, but nothing yet.

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