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Newbie, warning: contains sarcasm!

Hi my name's Nikki and I'm trying to lose weight for my 21st Birthday, my 30th Birthday, oh and my trip to New York in June 2004.......Yeah you read that right!!

I'm actually 37 in 3 days and all of the above "targets" are LONG gone :sigh:

No matter what I do I just can't motivate myself beyond a loss of a stone or 6 weeks, whichever comes first. The annoying part is I do have willpower (honest) as I gave up smoking/drinking by going cold turkey 8 years ago but when it comes to weightloss my brain just doesn't compute.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and, so far have been on Xenical, Rimonabant(Acomplia) and Metformin - all with no weightloss, despite my best efforts. I've also been to the big 3 weightloss clubs and a hospital dietics department yet here I am still morbidly obese, which is more than a little annoying as at 18 I weighed a mere 8stone 6lbs!

Hopefully I'll be able to use this site to get past the 6 week mark and make it to at least a 5 stone weightloss......I owe myself that much.:banghead:


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Hello :)

There are lots of lovely people on this site and it is very supportive. I think most of us have been there done that, done it all again .... and then some more! I think it's all about having your head in the right place, and I don't just mean on your neck and shoulders ... although that's a good start ;) :p

What's your plan with the weightloss? You say you've tried a few of the major diets etc... Are you going to follow one of those plans again, or calorie counting? or just start off by a general cutting the crap and increasing the healthy stuff? Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure there are plenty here who can/will help!

Good luck :fingerscrossed:
Heya chick and welcome, im also a Niki :)
I know what you mean, i get about 6 weeks into losing weight then seem to give up, but i REALLY want/need to do it this time.
Want diet you on now?
I think I'm going to use calorie counting, that way I'm not restricted in what I eat...except obviously if it's not within the calories I have left for the day!

I'm also using the My Fitness Pal app for the iPhone, which should mean that I don't "forget" something I've eaten :eek:

I'm lucky that my partner is very supportive, even when I fail, so that's a HUGE bonus!

So if you don't hear from me after 6 weeks someone please give me a virtual kick up the bum!



Green tea advocate!!
Wow - it's like reading my life story :D

I was in exactly the same position last August and i decided to give myself a well-needed kick up the backside and do something about it.

It can be done, i'm now 33lbs down and feeling great!! This site is amazing and keeps me on track every single day - best of luck!! :)


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Ahhhh the 6-week barrier. Ditto can only last until then before I stutter and stumble. Will fall off wagon and then back on for a few days, then off, then on, then off, off, off. In past I always had about 2 stone to lose and I could make a big dent in it in 6 weeks but this time I have 4 stone to lose. I'm going to need a lot of help in 4 and a half weeks I guess. :)

I may start a special thread then for us!!
I'm a newbie too but your story could be mine! Except I don't think I ever made it anywhere near 6 weeks.

This site has been a real revelation for me. When I'm having a wobble, I have a quick look on here and find the motivation to step away from the chocolate.

Best of luck...you will do it this time!
I'll join your thread! maybe we could all motivate each other beyond the dreaded 6 week (or 10 week barrier, as this is usually my downfall)
Look forward to sharing the journey x
I've had a look at Zoe Harcombes site & Googled the diet, to be honest having tried Atkins in the past, I don't feel that I could follow a restricting foods way of life for more than a week. Although the principles of eating "clean food" as opposed to chemically enhanced/altered food does make perfect sense.

For me I believe that calorie counting is the way to go, then if I feel I must have some chocolate I can, sad but true that on Atkins I craved apples and I hate apples!

Thank you to everyone that's read (and replied) I shall no doubt keep you posted somewhere on the forums.

hahaha The six week stumble thread!! What a fantastic idea.

There's probably a scientific reason behind it, but all I know is no matter what time of the year I try to lose weight...six weeks in and I'm floundering.
I'm also using the My Fitness Pal app for the iPhone, which should mean that I don't "forget" something I've eaten

wow this sounds fab - thanks i will definitely be downloading this later :)

good luck with it - everyone is really nice on here you'll have all the support you need

x x x x


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On bottom right of each post is a button marked "Quote". If you click on it it will automatically open the reply box with the quote already in it. But I can't work out the multi-quote thing so let me know if you do. good luck
to multi quote, click the "+ which is at the bottom of the post, (right next to the "quote" button) for each post you want to quote and then the "quote" button for the last one, they will all appear in your reply box and you can click between each one and type in a reply x
You're so right

I'll join your thread! maybe we could all motivate each other beyond the dreaded 6 week (or 10 week barrier, as this is usually my downfall)
Look forward to sharing the journey x

My name's Sheila and I've just joined.

Ive been on the Diet Chef diet for 10 weeks now and am just beginning to struggle (even though I was on holiday for 2 of those week and ate everything!) I've managed to lose 2 stone so far so shouldn't be feeling like this and my daughter is getting married in July which you would think is a very good incentive. Only problem is it isn't!:mad:

Any help or motivation would really be appreciated.:)

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