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Newbie- Will i ever be slim???


I'm new to all this but need some motivation and looking to find tips etc as I go....

Bit of back ground I'm 213lbs I was previously 233lbs I'm trying to eat healthy and make sensible choices rather then sticking to a "specific diet" and I am back on the exercise wagon.....

What I want to know is... When I look in the mirror or window I think I look quite big like depth wise... So chest to back depth and then I have this little head plopped on my shoulders, will I ever look slimmer depth way????
Sounds weird I know but it bothers me

When the fat goes am I to assume that there is fat under my rib cage which pushes it outwards making me look well fat???


Thanks in advance
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Didn't want to read and run, so just wanted to say good luck and well done xxx
Hi Laura,
Have a look at the pics on the inspiration page. You will see people who have lost weight showing before and after side photos of themselves and they are clearly smaller "depth wise", so I think the answer to your question is Yes :)
Hope this helps! I want to look smaller width and depth wise too! Good luck with it all.
Good luck, i really hope you achieve your weight loss goal, i really mean that as you sound like a nice person,

I know its hard but just throw your self into the diet and try to keep active
Lynn8124 said:
Ooh those mirror and shop window reflections can be scary! Good luck with your healthier choices, post often here and we will help you all we can.:)
Thanks hun..... It's when I catch myself in the tinted office windows ---- cringe hahaha do make myself chuckle

mrtc said:
Good luck, i really hope you achieve your weight loss goal, i really mean that as you sound like a nice person,

I know its hard but just throw your self into the diet and try to keep active
Awww mrtc thanks babe.... I'm in good spirits and very focused but I know I sometimes slip off wagon and beat myself up about it lol so will defo being using this app when it comes to those bad days

I find mirrors a nightmare, for the last 3 years ive not wanted to see my body, although ive just had the mirror put back in the bathroom as shaving was awful as i needed to see where i was shaving. Plus ive lost weight so feel abit better about my body
I know what you mean.... But I read somewhere sometimes looking in the mirror is good so you can see what you hate....
I reluctantly aske my best to take pictures of me with just my bottom underwear so I could really see each and every inch I hated and wanted to change---- I defo look better with clothes on haha but still not good lol....

We will get there Hun , we'll do it together, at my heaviest I was 16st 9lbs and currently I'm 15st 3lbs but I'm 5ft 5 so still look big, it's gona be a long road but one I'm sticking too for sure!!!

I hate it when guys say .... Awww you got a really great personality BUT (and theres always a but) I fancy your mate...... Arrgh that comment haunts me so bad.... Not only am I doing this for health reasons and other thing too I really cannot wait to look all those useless blokes in the eyes and wait or them to follow my arse as I laugh and walk off!!!! Hahaha sorry it just upsets me how cruel some people can be

Thanks you for commenting really keeping my spirits up ;-)

or "yeah you have a pretty... face" grrr, I am in the same boat as you and i'm currently at my heaviest ever (15st 10) luckily i have a wonderful b.f but still doesnt stop the feelin when you go out with friends and they get hit on and you are told you are funny or have a nice face...
Yes, Laura, you will be slim... and so will I! (nothing like a bit of positive thinking :D)
I despise mirrors, regardless of that when the weight comes off, your body will change in all manner of ways.

Good luck in your journey x

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