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Newbie with a question, and thanks!!


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hi, I've been lingering in the background for the past few days, but finally decided to join! all these supportive threads have really helped me through my first few days, so thanks to all of you!!

anyway, I'm currenly on day 5. had a sneaky look on the scales and i've lost 6 pounds! so all is well there!!!!!

my question is this: It's my 21st birthday on the 12th, and my dad (who thinks i'm on a 'standard' diet, and I would prefer to keep it that way...) has booked me and my family a meal at a carvery.

my master plan was having a serving on healthy chicken or turkey, and whatever green veg on offer. and also missing a pack that day. do you think that this would keep me on track for the week? I really desperately want to make this work, but don't want to let my family down.

any help, or your own personal experiences would be great!! thanks very much in advance :)
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I think eating meat and green veg is a great idea. It may contain more calories, but you will remain in Ketosis.

My personal feeling is that if you want to have a day or weekend off for something special, you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. Plan it, no you only have one day to naughtiness, then get straight back on the diet. My weekend off made me put on 5lbs, but I was prepared for that ;).

Lots of people will disagree with me, I know, but I had no problem jumping straight back on the wagon.


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thanks very much for that, I suppose that planning a 'meal off' is ok as long as I definately start back up properly the next day. hopefully it won't disrupt week 2 too much, I know it's an important week...


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My advice is dont do it simply because i've read so many times that it is really hard to get back on track and then you wont be letting your family down just yourself. I started in Jan and since then i've got through my birthday, valentines day and mothers day all SS and i feel great for it, but at the end of the day it's your decision hun, could'nt you start after your birthday if it's going to be a big deal (well it is your 21st) it's not that far away to put the diet on hold till after the celebrations. Whatever you decide good luck x x x


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I intended to sail through it with no fuss, like you say, losing weigh should (and is) much more important to me than my birthday, but my dad did this as a suprise. all booked and everything. I think I'll just have as little to eat as possible, and chase it with a lot of water! thanks for the help and advise, everyone, really aperciated :)
Hello and Welcome Muhly, great to have you on board.

I'm sorry but my honest answer would be to try and avoid eating if you possibly can especially as you are so early on in your journey. Alternatively, perhaps consider starting CD after your Birthday. We are all different and some find it easier to jump back on the wagon than others but never seemed worth the risk to me. Could you not tell your parents what you are doing - I did and they have always been really supportive.

Anyway will stop rambling, good luck with whatever you decide, if you do have something stick to meat with no sauce and a small amount of vegetables. Either way make sure you enjoy your Birthday!



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Just an update

I got away with a chicken salad and still lost 7lbs! I'm not cheating again though, it was so nerve racking getting on the scales, i was sure I'd ruined my diet.
well muhly i think thats great u had a great birthday and an even better weight loss than last week but agree not too often (never) lol lol lol


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I know!! a few days later, I found myself thinking... well, maybe I could just get away with that bit of chicken... that bite of kebab... etc etc!!

I didn't cheat again, but it messed with my head for a few days. so definately. Straight and narrow from here on in. my make a muffn later, but I'm terrible with cooking at the best of times so it should be... entertaining!!


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thanks very much becky :D I was really chuffed!! I just hope it keeps happening lol

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