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Newbie with a question for those with a lot to lose


I am new here and have said hello on the introduction board.

I have a question for those with a lot (say 5 stone plus) to lose. How do you do it, how do you manage to stay focused for so long? I am looking at around 18 months - 2 years to lose all the weight I have got to lose and just feel overwelmed really.

Is it best to do it stone by stone and try and put the rest out of your mind?

I have tried many diets over the last 30 odd years and like SW best and keep going back to it. I can stick to it and lose a couple of stone, but always lose the plot after a couple of months. I would really like to change the pattern this time and would love some advice from you all.

Many thanks

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Hi and Welcome!

I have about 6 stone to lose from when i started. to be honest when i started i didn't even consider that i'd want to lose that much, it's always been far to much for me to comtemplate so when i joint i really only wanted to lose 1 or two stone for my wedding.

i've lost 23lbs so far, and i'm finding the diet so easy to follow and satisfying that now i want to keep going to lose it all.

i don't overly think about the total amount, i think about the small things. at the moment i want to get to 2 stone.

after that i want to get into the next stone bracket

after than i want to get to 2 and a half stone etc etc. small, achievable targets and before i know it i'll be slim and healthy!


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It doesn't matter how much you have to lose, it's still a long old journey! I had 3 stone to lose, it took just over a year but 3 years later I'm still going to group and still finding that I need to keep motivated.
This is how I did it, I told myself that ever pound lost was a pound closer to target and a pound I wouldn't gain again (for the most part!). I told myself that once the work of losing weight was over that I would never put it on again. I told myself that it would all be worth it and I reminded myself of all the reasons I didn't like being overweight. I stuck a fat photo on the fridge as a reminder of why I was doing this.

These days I go up and down around my target but I always follow the plan, sometimes more flexible than I should, but I still remind myself of all the above.

It doesn't matter how much you have to lose and it really doesn't matter how long it takes, getting there is the ultimate goal.

One final tip - vary your food. Once you start to get bored of food, you get bored of SW and you should never have to get bored of SW!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and welcome. I am 3lbs shy of having lost 8 stone in total and have another 3.5 stone to go. My motivation is the fact that I am seriously scared of being 21.5 stone again! Yes there are days when I just want to throw in the towel and eat rubbish, but there are other days where I feel on top of the world and survive on sheer determination. I never look at how much in total I have to loose, otherwise I would have given up a very long time ago..I just take it 7lbs at a time.


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It doesn't matter how much you have to lose, it's still a long old journey!
I agree 100%... It's a life long journey, and maintaining is just as difficult, or if not more difficult than losing!
Good luck.. any weight loss is achievable if that is what you really want!
I think the problem your having is that your thinking about how long it will take you to get it off.. it can seem so overwhelming and daunting.. I lost 4 stone 7.5lbs in a year and 2 months, and i am now going for my 5 stone award. I maintained for 8 months and i hope to get my 5 stone award by the time my '2year anniversary' with Sw comes up on May 28th.

When i think that iv been 'here' for 2 years, i think.. my god.. thats a super long time.. but then i remember that i never set a time scale for me to 'lose my weight' - and that i never concidered any other possibility of me finding myself anywhere but at my local meeting every wednesday night. When your just starting out it can seem scary, but just try and enjoy the time it takes you to get there, relax and appriciate all the little things, the little milestone along the way, the first time you get into the next size down, or into the new weight bracket.. its all really exciting stuff.. and even better when you get to the 'end' of your weight loss journey. . and you can enjoy your new body! The time goes before you know it, honestly!

Ive got a lot to lose and so far it coming of quicker than I though....this diet is great!! This is the only diet I can image doing to the end!!! Good luck with your journey x x x


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Whatever you have to lose it is still a pretty long journey - I lost 4 stone before I called it target but I didn't think of it like that, I broke it down into each sticker at a time & it was only when I got to within a stone of my target that I set a target & then aimed for that, but even though I am now here I am still on my journey, maintaining is still hard work.

My advice - break it down into smaller chunks, stay to group as often as you can, try new things (you never know you may like them!), stay in touch on here & when you slip up then whack yourself around the head but then put it behind you & start again.

Good Luck!
Thank you all so much for your support.

And yes, whether you have a couple of stone or 10 to lose, it is a long journey with life changes along the way.

From reading your messages, I think I will try to break it down in half stones/full stones.

I have a holiday to look forward to in July and am going to aim for 2 stone by then.

Thanks again for your messages. I just need to change the way I think about the whole thing and you are helping me do that.

And well done for all those losses, wow, you have done fantastically well.
I am looking to get down to 10stone, which is another another 8stone 11 lbs.. 13 weeks ago it would have been 10 stone 6 pounds.. I think that I can't of done very well... but then thinking about it that way in 13 weeks I have lost 23 pounds.. I set myself small targets, not only my half stones, but also my own targets, such as wanting to get to my 2 stone by my dad's 60 birthday party on the 24th...I weigh in the day before!...it is important to think not so much as a diet but more as your life now..it is your lifestyle x x x x x
Hi im new to this too, and I have 11st 7lbs atleast to lose. I am going to work for a stone at a time but not really think about the big picture as it can be daunting. I have been told by hubby that he wont book a holiday for the winter until I have lost 3st. Well I need to get that off asap so I can go away for my 25th Birthday and thats only 28weeks away, lets just hope for 3lbs a week :)

Good Luck
I am new to sw and I have got over 5stone to lose, and I have lost 1/2 stone already. I am taking it 1/2 stone at a time and not thinking about my goal weight as it is to far away.

Good luck with your weight lose
Hi Alongwaytogo,

I am a newbie started SW on Thursday, weigh in on Wednesday 12 pm and I weighed in at 16 stone. I have 5 + to lose too.

I can not give no advice on experience but I can say how I am thinking at the moment, I am thinking be healthly and change the way I eat and the way I think, I am thinking no more silly diets, I would like to get to get back to the weight I was at for years that was between 13 - 14 stone and when / if I get there I will look to carry on ( I hope ). Its daunting but I have been looking at lots of threads and posts on here over last couple of weeks and I believe and see this can be done, one step at a time , day by day , week by week and I am hoping i will be looking back this thread a few months lighter not heavier than today.
M ultimate goal weight is 154 lbs but right now 7 / 14 / 28 would make me happier ... Good Luck Alongwaytogo, I hope we can cheer each other on ! xxx
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Slow but sure....
I have a huge amount of weight to lose, about 11 stones, so I just take it day by day especially as I am a slow loser, I don't allow myself to think too far ahead.

Still I have lost 4 stones since last May, so the weight is moving - slowly.
I began with over 10 stones to lose and that was too big to cope with. So I worked out the first 10% and just thought about that as my target. Once I had achieved that I started on my second 10% and am still working towards that.

And my ticker just shows how many pounds I need to lose to get to my current target.

Good luck

Irene xx
I use mini targets to help myself along! I have set my target to lose 4st 9lbs, but I have a feeling I may want to reset to 5stone. I look forward to each half a stone award, and it honestly does keep me going! I've never stuck to any other diet for more than a few weeks, and I've very happily been doing SW for 12 weeks now with not a cell in my body being bored of it! It so easily fits into my life style I dont think I could get bored of it! It's also really exciting to drop into the next stone. I've been hovering around 14 st 2-5lbs the last 2 weeks and at the moment I'm 14st 2lbs and I'm just buzzing at the idea of dropping into the 13's!! That plus half stone awards and club 10 to go for as well is really really exciting!

SW is truely great I would'nt worry :) When you see your progress and how easily it fits into your life you wont want to stop! xxx
Take it one week at a time!

Plan plan plan plan!!!
It's a bit of a chore but write down what you are going to eat for a week BEFORE you shop, plan your meals and snacks because believe me if you don't you fall off the wagon!
I prepare things like SW chips on a rolling basis, so I always have a bowl of water with peeled spuds in it ready to make chips or mash or whatever, so if you finsih work and feel like grabbing frozen chips or whatever you have an easy alternative!

Treat yourself to a new lippy/handbag/manicure as you reach targets YOU have set!

Think about how much you would have spent on takeaways and use that money to treat yourself!
Again, thank you so much for the responses.

Well done again all of you for the losses, brilliant! I hope I can add to those along the way.
I have a lot to lose but had even more when I started SW in September. I have so far lost 4 stone 8lbs, it is sometimes hard not to get overwhelmed by the whole amount I want to lose but the best way I think is to break it down....celebrate those half stone losses...when you get to the next stone etc...and reward yourself along the way...new clothes, get pampered etc.....whatever works for you!
Slimming world is great and you can do it! In your own time and way :)
hello and welcome!

I started back in November 09 and have well over 7 stone to shift!

I have so far lost just over 2 stone, so now have 5 left to get rid of.

My advice, is that it didnt go on overnight, so its gonna take its time to come off.

I take each week as it comes, and set myself a little target once i know what my challenges are that week. For example, if i have 3 meals out in one week, i am not likely to lose 5lbs no matter how hard it try! so i decide, i would like to lose one pound that week and set my mind on it!

I find working on a week to week basis, even a day to day basis is the key to it all. Planning what your meals are, planning your HEA and HEB, planning the syns! Planning really well is the key to SW!

My weight loss is slower than some, and faster than some, but try not to compare yourself to others, i made this mistake and end up in a little rut in February and only lost 1lb the whole month (i maintained, lost and gained!!!) then i got myself back on plan, swapped to Original and Green days cos they worked better for me (i was on EE) and then got rid of 9.5lbs in March!!!

Focus on your goals longterm by all means, but take your journey at your own pace....there are so many incentives along the way - your first half stone sticker, first stone sticker, club 10, and so on!

Good luck and hope to chat on here soon xxx

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