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newbie with questions?

Hello everyone - im new to this forum. I started with the cambridge diet one week ago and so far so good. Now I opted for the 1000 cal option and slower weight loss - I chose this for a few reasons and am doing some more exercise daily. I am happy to lose weight slowly as long as I am losing weight - I did slimming world for a few months and lost 11lbs but it was one pound on half a pound off etc etc and I got fed up.

Anyway I am rambling - qusetions I have are - what are tetra briks - my CC never mentioned them and are the bars nice think ill hve them in future - I like the shakes but find the soup hard going.
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Hi and welcome - tetra bricks are small cartons of the shake i use them when im going out and about - they are all ready to go . They have them in banana and chocolate flavours :) Haven't had the bars so Im sure someone else will tell you about them xx
the bars are gorgeous, covered in milk chocolate, my favourite one is the peanut crunch, but only one a day allowed


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if you don't like any of the soups try the spicy tomato. i hated all the others and took them back but didn't try this one as i'm not one for tomato cupasoups. it was amaaaazing, ha. so soup is going to be back on the menu when i next see my cdc. am going to try the oriental chilli one too. apparently gorgeous but i didn't think i'd like that one either :)

abz xx
I found Tomato soup to be evil!!! Veg is my fav, dont mind oriental or Chicken and Mush but veg does it for me!!!

What about the mix a mousse, have you tried that, I love making mousses from the shake x


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i can't have MAM yet. am only on day 9... will be getting some to try on tuesday when i go for my weigh in though, but all these extra bits are going to cost me a fortune, ha. i don't think i'll bother with tetras because i always carry my shaker with water in it with me so i can just make something on the run. the only thing that tempts me is making icecream. can you make icecream with shakes?

abz xx
apparently you can freeze them abz - im sure someone said how to do it in an earlier post :) How are you getting on?
the tetra's and bars are yummy!! I just pop a tetra in the freezer for 3hrs it makes lovely ice cream. pour some into a bowl first though otherwise it can be hard getting out of the carton!!!
lol becky that would be me - i would have just stuck it in the freezer and wouldn't have been able to get it out lol xx
I just stick mine in the freezer, cut the top off the carton and eat them out of it with a spoon! Yum! They're gert lush! I take a solid frozen one to work with me and by the time I have it (11.30ish) it's thawed enough to have as Ice Cream! Much more fulfilling than just drinking it - that only take me like 30 seconds!


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Warning: the bars are lethally delicious, especially caramel. If you think you might not be able to resist having another one straight away, only get one the first week you're allowed to!

I concur with what everyone else has said about tetras - freezing is definitely the way to go.

Welcome to MM and good luck. :)
Thanks for the welcome - definitely going to try the tetra's and the bars next week.


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Welcome & good luck :D

Oh i hated the soups at the start too lol but this past week have grown to quite like them - even the dreaded cheese & broccoli :eek::p

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