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Newbie would like weight loss buddy please!


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi everyone, I've only been on this site a week and would like to hook up with someone - or more than one person - to be my weight loss buddy! I am three weeks into WW ProPoints but it doesn't matter which plan you are on as long as you are also beginning the journey to your goal weight. Hope to hear from you soon :D

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Hi, I am thinking about joing a WW group, i've got a lot of weight to lose and doing it by myself doesn't work. I've done SW before (a few times!) but have ended up heavier than when I first started. How are you finding WW, is it fairly easy to follow and do you feel you are eating enough (not feeling hungry). Best of luck with you journey maybe we can spur each other on :)


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi Clarelou,
I would certainly recommend WW ProPoints to you. I am on the lowest allowance of 29 pps per day and if you think your food choices through in advance then you get to eat plenty. I've never felt hungry and I have a big appetite! I eat three times per day and still have points left over for a couple of sweet treats, I would never last on a diet where certain foods are banned. Look at my food diary (or anyone else's) and you will see that you can eat plenty. WW is an easy diet to follow and you get to know the point value of foods really quickly. I have lost half a stone in the first three weeks and I am happy with that.
I'd love to buddy up with you to encourage each other on our weight loss journey! Best of luck in whatever diet program you choose to follow.

Thanks for the advice Ellen, I've read a lot of posts from others doing WW and have decided to bite the bullet I'm going to join a group on Tuesday evening. Half a stone in 3 wks is amazing keep up the good work!
Hi Ellen and Claire

Just found this forum today and would love some slimming buddies. I started Dukan on 1st June and lost 5 lbs in 5 days (obviously mainly water) then nothing and the side effects were not good. At least I didn't put the 5 lbs back on!!I think I shall stick with GI. I need to lose about 28 lbs.

So here goes!

Hi Beverley,

5lbs in 5 days is a good kick start, shame about the side effects. Slow and steady is the route I plan to take and hopefully the weight will stay off this time. Good luck with the GI, I'm sure you'll reach your target in no time!


I need chocolate now!!!
Great you have decided to bite the bullet and join Claire, you won't regret it. Do start a food diary when you start and I will keep an eye out for it. Slow and steady is the way to go, I know loosing 1lb a week can be frustrating but we just have to look at the long term achievement.

Beverley I have to admit that I don't know anything about Dukan but I believe low GI is a good weight loss plan. We have to get used to eating real food in healthy portions so we might as well start as we are loosing the weight. Good luck with your plan and I would love to have you as a weight loss buddy!


I need chocolate now!!!
Whereabouts in Devon are you from Claire? I have a friend from Cullompton and was on holiday in Devon for a week once, it is a beautiful place. I particulary like the scones with jam and clotted cream lol
I'm from Plymouth and yes the scones and cream are lovely!!


I need chocolate now!!!
Thanks Geoff! I see you have started your weight loss plan as well so good luck to you too, let us know how you are getting on from time to time.


I need chocolate now!!!
Thanks Katie, what weight loss plan are you following? The more weight loss buddies we have the better! Good luck with your weight loss journey.
Morning Ellen, Claire and other buddies

Weighed in yesterday and have lost nothing! Still have to get over the Dukan yet and may be retaining water due to carbs again but must say feeling better!

Nice to have buddies to share good (and bad!) news with. I'll get there.

Beverley :sigh:
Hi Beverley,

Theres nothing wrong with staying the same, at least you didn't put anything on. If it's just water I'm sure you'll have a loss next week!

I'm off to join my local group tonight, I hope their scales don't make me heavier than mine (if they're a couple of stone lighter that would be great! lol).

Good luck this week everyone x x
Thanks Claire

I hope you're right! Have been out for 20 mins this a.m. doing the C25K. More walking than a little feeble jogging but got hot and sweaty so thats good.


I need chocolate now!!!
Good luck with joining tonight Claire. My scales at home make me 6lbs lighter than the scales at the ww meeting but unfortunately I have to stick to the 'official' ww scales.
Well I went along to my local meeting this evening and the WW scales weigh lighter than mine at home! :) I've got everything I need to get started and am feeling really positive. Although I am struggling trying to decide what to have for lunch tomorrow - too many choices!!


I need chocolate now!!!
Well done for going to the meeting Claire - great that the scales were kinder to you there as well! I have my fourth weigh in tomorrow, I am hoping to loose 2lbs which would bring me down to 12stone and my 5% goal so fingers crossed.

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