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Hi and welcome to LT!

Don't weigh between official weigh ins, as can lead to disappointment - if you do weigh inbetween, then take it with a pinch of salt
Drink at least 2 litres water a day (but no more than 4/4.5litres) - this includes black coffee and black leaf tea
Don't overdo the cardio exercise as this can put the body into starvation mode by using up too many calories - your pharmacist/GP can advise better on this and there will be info on it in the LT video which you should have already seen (pharmacist must give you a copy to watch before you start).

Just stick to it 100%, do NOT be tempted to pick or nibble at anything, drink water (little and often if you struggle to get through the 2 litre minimum) and you can lose all the weight you want.

And set up a ticker - there's a thread in the forum of how to do it and it's dead easy and really really helps tracking your progress.

Good luck!


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great advice from Elle there - water is the key and no nibbling!! have a look at people's losses, the first week is more often than not a biggy but people tend to be consistent at about 3lbs a week.

not weighing youself between weigh ins is a great tip. Lipotrim is a great opportunity to just let the weight drop off without worrying about it. not thinking about food and not worrying that you might put on - if you do it 100% you won't put on (there is always an exception to prove the rule of course) but weighing inbetween as elle says can lead to disappointment. for example last night my wii fit says since friday evening i've lost 5lbs - which i just dont believe with 2 more days until weigh in so i'm bound to be disappointed this week!

good luck!!! get on here whenever you can - so inspiring! xxx


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Welcome to the site love and glad youve done so well so far, I also went to the gym last night and only did 15 mins on the running machine (walking) up a hill and then I went and used the toning machines as I didnt want to do the cardio due to going into starvation mode as you wont lose weight if you do.

Its good that your doing ok on the diet though but yes drink lots of water its hard but you can do it.

Keep us all posted on your weigh in x x
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Hi readinghalo and welcome aboard :wave_cry:I am a newbie as well and started on saturday 25th. Take all the advice from everyone on here and use it! everyone is really supportive and friendly and reading everyone else's success stories is a real motivator. I find coming on here really passes the time. Good luck!!:D


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hiya welcome to LT Central :)

Elle usually has all the essential information you will need so thanks to her for all the support she provides and you can pick up bits and pieces from the forum.
I would recommend that you read old posts for all the information you need.

Keeps the scales away hun, it is always better to see the weight loss in bulk rather then tiny amounts each day.
You seem to be doing great so keep it up. We are all here for you.


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Hi Readinghalo

Welcome to the forum....Elle has covered everything that you need to know. Just remember this is an extreme diet, with just over 400 calories...dont go about punishing yourself too much by doing so much exercise. If you are used to doing exercise, fine, but if not, then let your body get used to the dropped reduction in calories.

You will see a huge weight loss so dont panic or worry...just take it easy for a bit, as you may well experience some dizzy spells as well which are all part and parcel of LT.

Good luck on LT and look forward to getting to know you and how you are doing.
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Welcome & Good Luck!

Going by your username, Are you in Reading? (sound like a stalker now lol)

LiSe Xx
Thank you

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. I should have read your post before I went to the gym as I have torn my calf muscle so I will have to rely just on LT for now.
I am touched that so may of you have welcomed me and given me advice. I am going to try to make a ticker now.
Thank you
ps. No I am not in Reading my username is 1 I got years ago because I like to read and I was considered to be someone's angel.:D

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