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o wow thanks il try and give that a go

my main prob i i only have the wee book that comes in ur first meeting and im too skint at mo (christmas and birthdays coming up) to get the shop and eat out book so im trying to use the little chart they gave me to work it out but i am not very good at maths but im sure il get there eventually!!

thankyou for making me feel so welcome
i really feel like i might find a home here every1 seems so nice


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
hiya sofa,

nice to meet ya, I wish you luck in starting WW, stick in there, first few are always the toughest, once youre through them, it will get easier, so hang in there :)
thanks scotty

ye i agree i think its just getting used to the new routine
then i think things will be better

although i am totally devastated not to be able to have my macaroni pies from greggs because i dont know how to work out the points as i cant find the nutrient content of them anywhere :-(


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Just stick at it hun, it gets easier as i'm sure you know....the cravings tend to fizzle out.

I did try to do some googles for you, theres plenty of info on other products but no macaroni pies, so best I can think of is to follow this link, Greggs - contact us and then email them to ask if they could provide you with the nutritional information of the product, i'm sure theyll oblige if it keeps customers coming back :)


SlinkySlimmer !!!
Welcome to the site

Good Luck with WW and your weightloss.

The site is really useful and im sure you ll find someone who can answer your questions.

Maybe just have the pies as a treat ?

Lizzie xxx


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Your welcome hun, and deffo catch somewhere at some point lol.


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Good work......keep it up :)

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