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Hiya, can i join you please? I have come from the lipotrim forum, but i couldn't hack the strict plan of no food, it was making me miserable. Therefore i have chosen weight watchers and so far, day 1, i am loving it.

I weigh myself at home on monday mornings and do not attend any meetings, but i have all the essential books and wonderful points calculator.

I have set a target for the January challenge of 12lbs, ambitious but do-able. Anyway, i look forward to sharing my journey with you all and likewise, sharing your journeys. Here is to a slimmer 2010 x
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Welcome to the WW gang :)

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Hi I have just joined this site too,

I am doing weight watchers since the end of August 2009 and think this diet is great I have lost over a three and a half stone since then. Just give it time and it will happen for you.

Two years ago I did the lipotrim diet for a holiday, and lost over eight stone but as the diet is great for losing weight quickly, I was hungery all the time and I found it very hard to keep it off, long term, all the weight went back on and more.

With this diet you can still eat what you want as long as you point it, A great thing to do is to track everything you eat and it does help a lot. I have done this since I started and it has helped me, and plan your meals ahead of time I do this everyday, and when very hungry eat loads of low points, you need never go hungery if you choose you points well, and hopefully at the end of 2010, there will be a lot less of us to see.............


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Hi, good luck with WW x


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welcome, fantastic support here on the WW board!