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Hi atlast
welcome and a great 1st week loss. The support here is great just log on anytime for help if you need it. :)


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Hi and welcome, great weight loss well done you!!
Good luck for your 2nd week!


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Welcome to the forum. Keep on here for motivation and tips, and if you have any questions - ask ask ask!.

Keep drinking the water - it really is key !!

Well done on your first lost that is fab.

The cooking etc, a lot of us do and eventually the smells fullfill our senses!!

Good luck for next week - oh and by the way - drink the water !!

Caren. x

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Welcome and well done on your 1st weigh in-bring on the 2nd!

Cooking can be hard to start with but I don't mind it now, when I did LT before I found myself putting in much more effort into cooking than I ever did! Did lots of baking too!!


on the up lol
Heya and welcome :) is a great start for the first week, keep up the good work :)


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Hello all! :wave_cry:
I started Lipotrim on the 4th of Jan after many years of wishing and trying to loose the fat. Quite hard as i have to cook for the family and eat none of it. Thanks all for your support.

Start weight
By Wk 1 (today) - 11lbs :D

Welcome to the forum and this forum will help you get motivated :)

You did well on Wk 1 - well done...and here's to Wk 2!


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Welcome aboard LT!

Stick too it and that fat will soon be gone before you know it!!


Hiya .. i started yesterday, fab 1st wk weight loss, hope mine is a good one! ive found this forum realy helpful already & this is my second day of registering on it.. good luck & fingers crossed for another massive loss for wk 2 ;D


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congratulations on your 1st weighin.i know its hard on people if they have to cook for other members of the family,but im sooooooo lucky
my husband cooks for the family (has done for so many years)i gave him the day off for christmas and with my 2 daughters and 2 sons help done a wonderful lunch.
all the best for the coming weeks ahead,jump on here whenever you can and you will get all the support from this lovely bunch of guys.