Hello people

I'm new to all this and just wanted to say hello and well done to all the slimming world slimmers out their. I'm trying to get my head around this so if anyone could lead me in the right way that would be excellent x

Good to know that people are there when you need a little bit of advice.

Hope I have posted this on the correct wall this time??

Goood luck everybody x :flirt2:
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Hi there!

I'm new too, just this min registered on here so trying to find my feet.

Good luck to you too! :)


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Hello and welcome to you both you will find this site great!!

Mrs V

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Hi and welcome!

Good luck with your journey!


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welcome and good luck - i think there is a newbie thread in here, read that and it has loads of tips :)

best of luck - we are all in the same boat as each other....just some people get off the boat quicker than others!!! xxx


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.


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hello and welcome along


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Hi, welcome, and good luck to you both.

Are you both joining and attending a class? Being there surrounded by SWers and having a Consultant to call on is definitely the best way to get started.

When you know how it works (and BOY does it work :)) you can go alone, or with the help of Minimins of course, and know what you're up to.
Thank you all for welcoming me into your groups. No I am doing this alone as dont have time to join a group so this will be a good support and advice thing for me.

Where would I find the newbie thread?

Keep up the good work x