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Hiya ladies (and gents!), iv just made my first order to exante and plan to start the diet on Tuesday. Icurrently go to slimming world and am not doing too great. I need a diet like this where i dotn have a great deal of choice in what im eating (giv me a choice and i'll make the wrong one lol). Id never heard of exante until i gooled it about an hour ago but it seems great and much cheaper than the cambridge or lighter life diets.

Im starting the diet at approx 19st 13lbs (i'll confirm this on tuesday) and hope to get to 12st by the end of the year. Very ambitious...but if i can do 1st a month i'll be over the moon!

Will be looking forward to getting to know you all in due course :)

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welcome hun, and good luck on the diet..i have ordered my pack two days ago as well and i am hoping the pack should be here by todai at my home and i should be starting it on friday when i go back home from university..i have never ordered anything from the net so i am hoping i have done it correctly...:s...lol
Hey! thanks! Ive ordered mine too so will have them tomorrow but i have a lot on this weekend and dotn want a half-hearted start so gonna start on tuesday! good luck with it xx
kk well yeah that sounds like a good enough plan :)...keep us updated
Welcome babystar, I started Exante a week ago and have had a good week. You sound motivated and ready to go so it should be easy enough. This site is priceless for inspriation and motivation, everyone on here knows exactly what you are going to be going through so do not be shy about venting or just keeping us updated.
Good luck for the coming weeks/months.
Hi Babystar

I've been on exante for just over a week and have lost half a stone. I was on Slimming World before this and I know exactly what you mean about wrong choices! I need something a little more 'structured' and I've found exante quite easy so far. If you're motivated it's not difficult to stick to.

Good Luck!


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I have found Exante brilliant. It is great so far. Good luck to you :) I hope you love it x
thanks everyone! its easier to be motivated when you have such a good support forum!

re slimming world....im on that now, and have lost only a few pounds in the last 2 months (ive done it before and lost a lot but at this moment its just not what i need).....exante sounds great and ive done cambridge diet before so i know what to expect. Cant wait to get started now!!



Are We There Yet?
I have done SW several times with varying success. Exante is teaching me that I do not need to stuff my face all day to be ok. On SW I had too much choice to stuff my face. Even with healthy stuff means my mindset doesn't change. This time I feel a switch, and I am going to treasure it :)

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Welcome BabyStar...
Exciting isn't it!! I still get a little thrill when I open my space food.

Good luck for the coming weeks, and onwards.

Word of advice make sure you have a hand whisk that zooms hehehe Mine is a little old.. and although the lumpy bits seem a little like food they are not nice!

I hope you find this forum just as inspirational as I do. I am still a newbie, but find any hard moments whatever the time of day. I can come on here and read someone else's similar experience and how they coped. It is invaluable.

We are all here for each other and welcome aboard
Hey! yeah i think forums like this are invaluable! if your having a bad day etc it helps to read how other ppl are copin!

Thanks fr all the warm welcomes :) xx


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Chick :)

Just thought id pop on and leave ya a wee message :)
Hope your doing ok!!
Ive been to get weighed this morning and lost another 2 and a half pounds, that means that another 3 and a half and ive lost 2 stones :):) Yehh

Love Clair xx


is slowly shrinking
welcome baby star, i am on day 8 and can say i am still enjoing it. i did ww for 4 months and lost 7lb i lost more than that the 1st week on exante. I find the plan really satisfying and have to put more water in the soup as they are really creamy. good luck on your journey and keep us all informed.
Another newbie!

Hi everyone,
I've just received my food packs and am having my first choc shake for lunch.
I've got 2 1/2 stone to lose to get my BMI to 25 but would like to lose more like 5stone to get my BMI nearer 20.
I'm doing the total solutions diet in the hope that it will help me lose weight quite quickly!! Its nice to hear that so many other people have had success so keep up the good work :)
Welcome Chubbybunny, Good luck in the weeks ahead. Remember this forum is here for you whatever you are feeling, if you want a rant or if you just want to chat.
Hey clair! Oooh your doing good!! I officially start tomorrow so been enjoying what food i can today haha! Aww it'll be worth it eh!

Keep it up chick!! xxx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Welcome chubbybunny :welcome2:
Like all the other lovely ones have said... good luck in the coming weeks/months it is lovely to have you with us on the journey xx

(as you can see I have just discovered the smilies hehe I will get bored of them soon, sorry all xx )
Thanks guys. On day three now and so far so good apart from slightly strange taste in my mouth. I know its bad to weigh urself everyday but I've lost 3lbs already so its great motivation!

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