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  1. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    Hi everyone,
    Started on CD 2 days ago and found this site and plucked up the courage to join.
    Feeling OK really, thought I would feel far worse but the only problem I am having is that I keep having to go to the loo.
    Any ideas on how to stop !!! lol. Drinking loads and I think that is helping me not feel too hungry but going to loo every 10mins - boss going to get the serious hump soon !! lol;)

    Ive got about 6st to loose so a long way to go and at least 4-6mths on CD so the long haul so would be nice to get some email buddies etc to help keep me motivated. Moral support needed big time as you tell people and they say "oh its a fad diet" "oh it won't work" "oh go on just have something to eat" etc and it would be nice to have some body telling me to keep going !! Not that I should need it - 6st is enough motivation. Had my little boy 2 years ago and had a C section and not been able to shift it since.

    Also started the toning tables last night - talk about all in one go !

    Look forward to chatting

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  3. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Hello Blue chick and welcome !! xx
  4. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

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    hi bluechick

    welcome to the forums and this great diet, after a few days going to the loo every 10 mins does settle down, now about every hour for me lol, drinking loads is the right way to go and if u get the hunger feelings just have a drink :tear_drop:

    Good luck on your weight loss
  5. munchkin

    munchkin Full Member

    Hi Blue chick, good luck with CD x
  6. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hey hun nice to meet u :D

    this is a fab site:) n the support is unbelievable

    there is a thread sumwhere of a lot of msn addy's if u want to add anyone :)

    n if u have any questions dont forgot to ask

    good luck, i look forward to reading ya success

    love ya xxx
  7. couteaux

    couteaux Silver Member

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    Hi Bluechick :)

    This is my second day too, today is going much better so far. I was ravenous yesterday! How are you doing?

    Good luck with this, I also have around 6 stone to lose and a 22 month old son and 3 month old daughter. I really want to get the weight off and be a good role model for them.

    Fingers crossed for great weight loss this week/ month :)

  8. Chika

    Chika Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Good luck! The loo thing is annoying! My boss has started making snide remarks about charging for the loo water and even suggested not flushing the toilet everytime I went !!!

    I'm on day two. If you wanna be buddies just send me a message!

    Chi x
  9. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield


    To minimins it's a great place to come for support. The loo thing is a problem in the beginning but as your body gets use to the amount of :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: you'll be drinking it does slow down & not as many loo trips.

    Good luck with your journey, look forward to hearing you
  10. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    Hi hun and welcome to the cd forum...we are a fab bunch and all help and support each other
  11. tee

    tee Member

    Hi Bluechick,

    I still go to the loo too often even though this is my day7.... Waoooooh. It's very annoying especially at work, when you make so many trips to the loo. I just hope it slows down soon
  12. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Hi there. Good luck with cd.
    I know exactly what you mean about the c section thing. I had one 20 months ago and have tried loads of diets since.
    This diet really suits me and I hope that you'll find the same thing. The results can be ever so quick which is so motivating.
    Best wishes
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  13. AussieBug

    AussieBug Full Member

    Good luck with CD.

    In terms of going to the loo constantly, I know how you feel!

    I have actually explained to my boss that I am doing the CD, and have to drink lots of water. So as a result, I may need to pop to the loo more frequently than usual (and I didn't want her to think I was away from my desk for the sake of it). She seemed rather understanding - and I felt better knowing that I have explained my 'situation'.

    Maybe give that a go?
  14. AussieBug

    AussieBug Full Member

    also... I wanted to ask... what's a toning table?
  15. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Good luck Bluechick! we are all right behind you!
  16. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member


    Thanks Everyone . Ceri you mentioned emailing you - how do I do that??

    Toning tables are machines you sit on and they do the exercise for you;). Really you do have to put in a bit of effort but it does tone the flab !! lol

    They also have one of the power plates - madonnas key to fitness apparantly so want to give that a go too.

    Day 3 and all going really well touch wood. My CD lady is away till Wed so seeing her Wed night and will get first weigh in - fingers crossed.

    Hopefully I will get to remember everyones names soon !!!

  17. bluechick

    bluechick Full Member

    Sorry meant chika email not Ceri - will get to remember names eventually.

    Another down fall of having a baby, brain goes to mush
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