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Hiya i'm new. Lil bit about me:Im Niki, im 21 married living in Germany with my husband (British Army) Have a 10 week old baby girl.

Stats: 5'8...202lbs
Want to get down to around 150lbs then go from there.

Decided this year is the year i do something about myself. Always been around a size 14/16, went to an 18 in pregnancy. Ive never been happy with my figure, but never decided to do anything about it really.

I started doing SW on the 10th Jan as part as a sponsored slim for help for heroes which me and a few other Army wives are doing. But i just cant get my head around it lol have lost 8lbs but its just not for me.

So decided to do the traditional. Eat well and exercise plenty. I find it quite difficult being in Germany and not understanding the language but we do have naafi on camp. I mainly struggle with diets as i start not eating enough :rolleyes: I really want to do this. Going to do my weigh ins on Monday. And try to remember writing my food diary on here :)


(p.s yes i waffle on hehe)
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Congratulations on the weight you've lost so far and good luck with the healthy eating! I could never really get into sw or ww to be honest as soon as I'm told I can't eat something i do it anyway (I'm a rebel lol) so healthy eating works for me so far...
Good luck :) x :)
Thanks hun :) x

So far today ive eaten:

Breakfast: Small bowl of special k with ss milk, large glass of water
Snack: 2 crackerbread with light philadelphia spread, large glass of water. Banana

Not sure what else im going to eat. I know i need to eat 3 meals a day but i usually snack, skip lunch then have tea. For tea im thinking homemade chips, egg and beans.

Saturday 5th
  • Small bowl of crunchy nut with SS milk.
  • 2 crackerbread with philadelphia light spread, banana.
  • Spag bol with extra lean mince.
  • Bowl of mixed fruit.
  • Mini milkyway :rolleyes:
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Sunday 6th

  • 2 slices of wm toast with butter & marmite
  • 2 crackerbread with philadelphia light spread and a banana
  • Tomato cuppa soup
  • Ham and light mayo sandwich on best of both bread
It's very quiet on this bit of forum lol say hi guys!


Well done looks like you going great, I've slipped up this weekend but will be back on it tomorrow - I'm also starting 30 day shred tomorrow I'm a bit scared if I'm honest lol
Ps yeah it is quiet but I'm here most days and will say hi :)
Well done looks like you going great, I've slipped up this weekend but will be back on it tomorrow - I'm also starting 30 day shred tomorrow I'm a bit scared if I'm honest lol
Ps yeah it is quiet but I'm here most days and will say hi :)
Hehe hello again. Ooo ive ordered the 30 day shred dvd.. is that what you mean? Ordered it to the uk so gonna have to wait til i go back to get it. It does look hard work but be ace if its as good as everyone makes out.

Got my weigh in in the morning, dreading it. Had a crap week with the hubby back but a good weekend, hope to sts if not loose any. When is your weigh in?



Yeah Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, am starting this morning, it's meant to be hard but see results so I'm all for that lol! I weigh in on a Saturday usually but I'm not weighing myself for the next 30 days-am joining Rosemary Conley online today and starting shred coz my weight loss seems to have stopped (1lb in 10 days? And walking 2 hours most days) and going to find you how many calories I should be eating :)
If you want to see how I'm going my diary is on healthy eating forum - hi everyone x

Ps - good luck with the weigh in x
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Good luck with the shred hun :)

-1lb..happy with that considering i had a maccys and a pizza last week. Was an ace weekend so gonna stick to how i did then :) Hopefuly the weather picks up abit here so i can take the princess out in the pram.



Well done! The shred was hard but doable (level 1 anyway) my legs feel like jelly lol, I wanted to take little un out in buggy today but my older 2 are at home poorly :(
Not done great today. Not drank as much water which i think has given me the munchies this evening which resulted in me eating a few biscuits :rolleyes: So tomorrow gonna do what i did at the wkend and have a glass every hour.

Monday 7th
  • Small bowl of crunchy nut with ss milk & banana
  • Banana
  • 2 egg on 2 slices of brown bread (toast)
  • 2 crackerbread with philadelphia light spread
  • Few biscuits :mad:
Tomorrow is definetely more water and exercise. Need to lose more than 1lb this week.
Jeez i need a kick up the bum, yesterday wasnt the best day, all because im not drinking enough water. But then i was out pretty much all day so water available :rolleyes:

Tuesday 8th
  • Small bowl of crunchy nut with ss milk.
  • Banana and corny bar (german version of say a special k bar)
  • Quarter of a croissant
  • Small bowl of porridge
  • Microwave chinese meal :mad::sigh:
See crap!! GRR. Today hasnt been great either as stopped at friends lastnight so didnt have chance for breakfast :rolleyes: So gonna go on wii tonight and make sure for the rest of the week am super good and drink plenty of water :)

I've had a crap week :( Just lost all motivation and doesnt help its the horrid totm. So tomorrow im going 'back to basics' Plan to have egg on toast for breakfast each morning, salad and fruit for lunch and a balanced meal in the evening.

Really NEED to do this. Hubby had a mess meeting lastnight and they've said we're having a summer ball this year, not fancy dress an actual ball. Would be my first one so want to lose weight and look gorgeous in a pretty dress.

Wish me luck, i need it ;)

2lb gain for me this week :( i knew it, also totm which doesnt help. Couldnt have my egg on toast for brekkie as need to go to shop to get it der...so had 2 weetabix and ss milk, going to have egg on toast and a yoghurt for lunch.
This week has got to be a good week.
Seriously i suck! lol gosh i need to get a grip and DO THIS! Bought an exercise bike off a friend today, its so cold here atm i just dont want to be taking the baby out. So thought id go on that half hour morning and evening and alternate it with days walking. Im not going to bother keeping a food diary, i know im eating the right things now and its too much hassel remembering :rolleyes:
Hi :)

Don't be too hard on yourself, you're still half a stone lighter than you were when you started :D

Just put the bad days behind you now, today is a new day. Start afresh, remember the summer ball ;) and tell yourself "I CAN DO THIS" :D

Good luck :) xx
Thanks hun. Think my head is properly in the game now, got a vampire diaries convention to go to in June and theres a huge masquerade ball one night so want to wear a gorgeous dress, so cant be all gross for it lol. Going to do 30mins on the bike morning and evening on Mon/Weds and Fri, walking Tues & Thurs...then Saturday im off to the uk for a fortnight, my sister has a treadmill so gonna jump on that then can take my parents doggy for a walk :) xx
Sounds like you've got loads of lovely events coming up..... hopefully they'll help keep you motivated :) x

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