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Thankyou I'm going to need it I'm the worse dieter in the world can't believe I was once 10 stone I could slap myself for letting me get to this weight. Good luck to you too.xx
Me too, when I married at 27 I was just over 10.5 stone. So how did I get this big??? Husband and daughter both eat and eat and not a lb on and its not fair.

I have just noticed that we are the same height and near enough the same weight, fancy a buddy on our Rosemary quests??? :)


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That would be brill we could help each other, It was when I got married that I was 10 stone and I've got a 2 yr old boy.x
I've got a daughter who 8 in few weeks.
Just need to get this weight off, I want to wear nice summer dresses and not hid in 3/4 length trousers and baggy tops again and wishing I had started dieting or stuck to it this time.
Good luck!! I`m going to my first class tomorrow :D x
Well it's my first day today and I'm excited how sad am I!!! I don't know whether to wait till after 2 week kick start to get weighed cause when I get on and don't really lose anything I get fed up that's what happened with ww diet, good luck to you both.xx


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Why not weigh yourself after the 1st week??? I know I couldn't stay off the scales that long.

Well for all my toilet trips the scales are showing a tentative 2lb loss wont be offical until next Monday so feeling pretty good at the mo.

But off for school run now and maybe a fitness DVD when back (now thats a 1st :eek: )

Speak soon I have PM you as well Sazbirl x


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Hi there, just done 30 mins of the Clare from Steps workout, hopefully it will get easier as I am shattered. But am going to try to do it every other day or at least twice a week which is 2 more times than normal lol.

Thinking about lunch wot to have, grilled turkey rasher and salad sarni sounds good. Must work out calories.

Did you both enjoy the walk?

Speak soon x
That lunch sounds gorgeous was it?, I've had toast with cheese spread and a yogurt, but didn't eat all of yogurt cause my little boy took it off me the little monkey:) after he'd had his munch bunch one!!! For tea I'm having chicken, 1 potato waffle cause I love them and salad then going to try and not eat for rest of day.xx

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