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Hello folks

I have been lurking on here for a while now and finally decided to give the diet a go.

I did LL years ago and lost 6 stone in 6 months. Over the years the weight has crept on again and nothing I do to shift it is working.......maybe because I have almost nil willpower :sigh: So I have decided to try Exante after reading all your posts.

I have 5 stone to lose and would like to lose a couple for a wedding in June and then carry on until I lose it all. I felt so good with myself when I got to goal before.

I sent for the packs on Friday morning so I am hoping that they come today sometime. I decided that today was going to be the day I started so if they don't arrive today will be a 'fast day'.... I have got rid of everything yummy in my cupboards.

I will post a diary once I have started the diet.
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Welcome and good luck!! I'm just coming up to my first week so a definite newbie too :)


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Been in all day waiting for lots of deliveries so expected my packs to come today. Just looked in my post box and the delivery note is there, the guy came and put the box in the greenhouse without ringing the bell so all this morning while I have been sitting here chewing my fingers because I was so hungry the packs have been sitting outside. :eek:

Just mixed myself the banana one with some ice and it's not too bad. Very creamy and not too sweet.

Will probably have half a bar later on, then soup for dinner and maybe the other half of the bar at bedtime with a nice chamomile tea!


Here we go again!
Glad your box arrived. How are you finding your second day then? I'm starting week 4 so a newbie too really. Good luck!


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Glad your box arrived. How are you finding your second day then? I'm starting week 4 so a newbie too really. Good luck!
Second day going OK. Had shake for breakfast. Half a bar for lunch, I found that saving half until bedtime worked well yesterday. Trying to get the water down at the moment so sitting here on the computer with a litre bottle of water so I don't forget!

I have decided to post a diary to keep me on the straight and narrow. It's really good on this forum and very supportive.

I see that you have had some great losses, I hope I get them too. :)


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And everyone will be able to keep an eye on your progress when you have a diary................ :)


has to be done this year
hi there, I haven't yet tried exante but considering it, theres just a few things I would like to find out before i start the diet and would be very glad if someone can give me some in light. I have lost 1 st.7 Lb in the last several weeks with other diet plans but wondered how much weight I would be loosing an average on the TT considering the fact i have lost weight. Also are the shakes thick and creamy or are they runny? i wondered if they filled you up a little bit, thanks x

Not sure what to say about the additional weight loss but with regards to the shake....The are thick and creamy and taste really good! I was a lil worried about trying them at first but I was very surprised at how they tasted and they are not to sweet either!!


Here we go again!
Got to agree with Dev here. I find the shakes really thick and frothy. They taste pretty good too. I really like the banana, I wish I had all my shakes as banana, but buying the bumper box you just get what you're given.

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