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Today is the start of the rest of my life, I'm totally fed up if the yoyo dieting, looking for quick fixes, slimming clubs, no carbs. Ive tried all off these things in the last 10 years and in all my efforts I'm still 4 stone overweight!!

So here goes, 1400 calories a day and 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. That is my minimum pledge.

I have been reading all your inspirational posts on here and it is just what I need.

So here goes.....xxx
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Yes, I downloaded it months ago and been 'messing' around with it but started it properly today. New to all this so help would be much appreciated :0)


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Hi janey :) I started at a similar weight to you and can promise you that it does work - it's soooo much better than yo-yo dieting. It feels good to make a change for life. Your plan sounds brilliant :) Looking forward to hearing more of your journey xx


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I have lost 3 stone altogether which was my first 'big goal'. I would still like to lose the final stone and then see where I want to go from there :)

I used lots of mini-goals too, especially non-scales related ones like fitting into knee high boots and buying size 14 jeans etc. I didn't weigh myself for the first 6 months, I set clothing goals which helped me a lot. I was too daunted by the scales to weigh at the beginning as 4 stone seemed a lot. 1 stone doesn't seem so bad anymore and I feel positive I can do it. You can do it too :)


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Wow, well done. I'm a slave to the scales and always have been. They do 'rule' my moods tho :0(

I am determined to do it and keep it off tho x


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I used to be a slave to the scales too - and it affected me quite badly mentally. I used to weigh up to 40 times a day! I thought I'd give it a go without them this time and it has worked for me. Curiosity got the better of me over the last month but I seem to have broken my 'obsession' with them which is good. I appreciate that most people need them though - just set little targets :) Slow and steady is they key.
Welcome! I can really relate to the mood altering weigh ins!

Looks like you have a good plan...all this calorie counting malarky is based on simple maths, if you do it properly it HAS to work.


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I have promised myself I will only weigh on a Monday morning and as soon as clothes start to feel loose they are going to the charity shop or bin!!!


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Good luck, sounds like you've got a perfect attitude to succeed!
Welcome! Yeah, all the quick fix diets dont seem to work for me. I think when you start eating normally again the weight just comes back. Calorie counting seems a lot more managable. Good luck :)
Welcome and good luck, let us now how you get on. x
Constantly updating hasn't really gone to plan but just finished logging my food on MFP and found that I eat in average 1200 calories a day (my goal is 1400) need to start with some exercise this coming week as I read all your posts and feel guilty for not doing any !!

Weigh day tomorrow, weighed on Friday and lost 4lbs so even if it shows the same 4lb I'll be a happy lady.

Just want to say how much I enjoy reading these posts on here. They have kept me going with some excellent advice during my first week.

Thanks guys xxxx


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Welcome and good luck :)

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